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Transporeon Carrier Loyalty Program

12/06/2023 | 5 min

Are you a carrier? Read on to find out how you can reap benefits and rewards by becoming a member of Transporeon’s Carrier Loyalty Program.

Ana-Emanuela Lungu is a key member of Transporeon’s Revenue Processes team and an expert on Transporeon’s Carrier Loyalty Program. She sat down with supply chain content specialist Paul Hamblin to discuss how it works.


There are loyalty programs – and there are loyalty programs. So why join this one?

First and foremost, the Transporeon Carrier Loyalty Program is about thanking carriers for being part of the network, and for their efforts to keep the world in motion, while meeting the highest service standards they possibly can. But this program also offers real value to carriers.


“It offers high value because, as an SaaS company, Transporeon helps the carrier community to make that vital leap into the digital era, providing them with the priceless commodities of visibility and awareness,” Ana says. 


Membership benefits

OK, let’s get down to business. With any loyalty scheme, the customer quite rightly wants to know what is in it for them and why they should take part. There are multiple membership benefits to the Carrier Loyalty Program, ranging from rewards connected to specific products (promo codes and discounts) to deploying the power of the network in support of marketing, through to direct support and one-to-one feedback sessions and workshops. 


“All sides can learn together the challenges of the industry and also how to face them together,” Ana adds.


Every carrier aims to achieve pinpoint efficiency and gold-standard service, and the program is designed to help members achieve this. “Real-Time Visibility (RTV) enables preemptive problem solving and seamless customer service,” Ana points out. “RTV brings positives with it, enabling accurate resource management and far more efficient processes in the dock and yard area for both carrier and warehouse or distribution centre. Drivers also enjoy a more comfortable shift, with fewer frustrating delays. These are the areas where the Loyalty Program kicks in, because with this success, carriers earn points and begin their progress up through the categories. It is a double win for carriers – not only are they accessing additional benefits via these points, but at the same time they are establishing stronger, trusted bonds with their customer, ensuring profit for both in a stable, long-term partnership.”


No-barrier entry requirements

Entry requirements are easy. “Every carrier on the Transporeon platform is automatically enrolled on to the Carrier Loyalty Program; no terms and conditions, no mandatory do’s and don’ts,” promises Ana.

Her reasoning is simple. Transporeon wants to support every carrier, without exception, to grow and thrive via the platform and to support and reward them for their efforts in keeping the world moving. 


How the tiers work

Progress upwards through the tiers of the program is straightforward. Points are based on levels of activity and performance, with scores awarded every time a carrier executes a transport via the platform, in addition to their RTV performance. Those points place the carrier in one of the program’s four tiers: Starter, Advanced, Expert and Pro.


“Transporeon will motivate them to enhance activity and service levels in order to earn more points, upgrade tiers and unlock new rewards,” Ana reveals. “But the best way to grow through the tiers, and in fact the most rewarding way, is via the carrier’s own business performance and evolution on the platform.”


Future plans and initiatives

The program continues to evolve. There are enhancements and updates in the pipeline, as well as exciting future plans and initiatives. Newly available are workshops and individual feedback sessions for Pro members, which they can request if they have something important to say about a product, tool or feature they are using. 


“There are benefits to both parties in this exchange,” states Ana. “The carrier can gain exclusive deep insights into the platform, while contributing to its evolution.”


Further down the line are plans to fully automate the Carrier Loyalty Program, giving members constant visibility on both their tier and their wider progress. Additional benefits are also on the way, to help high-achieving carriers showcase their outstanding service levels in a more direct way, which will support and bolster their customer partnerships.


The real evidence

As an experienced carrier, you might still need convincing and that is totally understandable. Testimonials from existing users are freely available. Ana points to some great examples and success stories, which can be found on the Transporeon LinkedIn page, adding that marketing campaigns for carriers who’ve collected their benefits are already under way. 


“The team is also handing out promo codes to allow customers to enjoy the benefits of Transporeon products for extended periods, at no extra cost. Particularly those that are making a real and measurable difference to their business,” she confides. 


With bespoke guidance for top tier members and many new benefits to come in the year ahead, the Carrier Loyalty Program is set for even greater heights.

Don’t want to miss out? You can find out more about Transporeon’s fast-growing Carrier Loyalty Program, here or email us on


Carrier Loyalty Program

Transporeon wants to thank you for your efforts to keep the world moving with your exceptional service and high-quality performance. This is why you are already part of the Carrier Loyalty Program. Now all you have to do is keep up the great work! You can increase your activity on the platform by responding to your customers’ requests and make sure you allocate vehicles to your transports to provide Real Time Visibility.

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If you want to know which category you are in, what rewards you have earned, or find out how you can get more points and progress, then get in touch.


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