Freight audit essentials

10 tips on choosing the right solution
Are you tired of manual, error-prone freight audit? Looking to optimise your logistics operations and cut unnecessary costs? Our checklist holds the key to achieving these goals. 

Manual freight auditing is no longer a viable option for companies striving for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Traditional methods often lead to inaccuracies, excessive manual labour, and the ever-looming threat of human errors. The complexity of today's logistics world demands a transformative approach.  

In Freight audit essentials: 10 tips on choosing the right solution, we unveil the roadmap to optimise your freight audit process. As supply chains become increasingly complex and global, a digital freight audit solution is your ally when optimising freight operations and cost management. This top 10 list will empower you to make better informed decisions when picking your freight audit partner and enhance your freight audit capabilities.  

How can it help you?

  • Shipper companies across all industries: If you're looking to streamline your freight audit process, our checklist is tailored to meet your needs. From reducing manual intervention to ensuring compliance, this checklist is your blueprint for success.
  • Logistics and supply chain professionals: Simplify your freight audit provider selection process with our comprehensive guide. Make informed decisions that save both time and resources.
  • Finance and accounting teams: Ensure the accuracy of financial transactions by automating your freight audit process. Our checklist provides an efficient roadmap to more transparent and error-free auditing.


Integrate with your freight logistics ecosystem

Look for a freight audit solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing Transportation Management Platform. This integration ensures that all relevant shipping data is readily available, simplifying the audit process.

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Together our products work in harmony to increase transport efficiency along the full lifecycle of freight activities.

Freight Audit & Payment Hub

Freight Audit

Freight Audit
  • Full visibility of process, data and carrier performance.
  • Logistics should no longer deal with invoicing.
  • Underbilling is reported.
  • Receives alerts about rejection/approval.
  • Cost allocation of freight audit costs are automated.

Freight Audit & Payment Hub

Instant Pay

Instant Pay
  • Instant and secure payment.
  • Flexible use.
  • Stress-free and straightforward.
  • 100% Confidential.
  • User-friendly and easy.