Get Total Visibility with Yard Management from Peripass

Close the gap between the road and the loading dock

For many companies, the only thing standing in the way of total visibility for their entire digital supply chain is Yard Management. That means the yard is one of the surest places to drive value through optimization. 

Today, as more companies demand sustainable, long-term yard solutions, we are proud to offer a platform that will both simplify and optimize your yard management. 


Key Benefits of an Integrated Yard Management Solution

Simplify and optimize your yard with automation and see improvements in efficiency, savings, and security. Get the yard management solution you deserve today.

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Yard Control Tower

Optimize your work processes by shortening lead times, increasing volume, and reducing waiting costs by 85%.

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Yard Task Management

Centralize and digitalize the operation of shunters, forklift drivers, and security on site.

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Yard Automation

Reduce your personnel costs and increase the safety and security of your operations with greater automation.

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Self Service Access

A digital registration process functions autonomously and allows you to save on reception costs and at the same time reducing waiting times.

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Yard Asset Management

Eliminate the risk of lost trailers or containers, making sure no more incorrect transports leave the site. 



About Peripass — The Yard Enabler

Peripass provides yard management solutions in Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing and Food & Beverage. Peripass works for companies such as Alpro, Makro, Tereos and Intermarché. Peripass provides an innovative SAAS+ platform and has a clear mission with strong international ambitions.
Peripass enables logistics processes to be identified, and thanks to the logistical expertise acquired in various sectors, to be digitized and optimized.

Where Peripass is already in use, companies benefit from a long-lasting positive impact in several areas: more visibility, increased security and improved efficiency. What all current projects have in common are significant cost savings as a result.

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