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Finding the right carriers & taking control


Insulation products increase the energy efficiency of buildings, positively impacting the future of our planet and our quality of life. URSA is Europe’s leading insulation provider, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, with a commercial presence in some 40 markets across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and North Africa. The company has 13 production sites in 8 countries, manufacturing glass mineral wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS) used for thermal and acoustic insulation in both new and renovated buildings. URSA assigns in excess of 50,000 transports per annum.

Now all of our carriers cooperate with us through the Transporeon platform. We can gather in one place all information about the shipments, track each assignment, and view the full history of our orders.  

Tomasz Kania, Logistics Specialist
URSA Poland 


  • URSA spent too much time searching for transport providers
  • This became increasingly difficult and costly, particularly during peak periods
  • Phone calls and email were used to initiate carrier contact and, subsequently, to negotiate and assign transports
  • The existing SAP system generated order confirmations but these had to be individually extracted and emailed to the right carrier
  • Each production facility used its own local group of carriers, so the company could not benefit from synergies and scale


Every part of the URSA organization now uses the Transporeon platform, achieving:

  • Fully automated transport assignment based on pre-defined conditional and automatic freight calculations that reflect current contracts and rates – Transporeon Transport Assignment ‘no-touch’ orders
  • Flexible spot market-based transport assignment, taking advantage of changing market conditions – Transporeon Transport Assignment ‘best-carrier’ orders
  • Digital time management of all loading/unloading schedules – Transporeon Time Slot Management
  • Shipment monitoring and tracking, with transparency and performance measurement – Transporeon Transport Visibility
  • Automated report generation and monthly KPI-based carrier evaluation – Transporeon Reporting


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Major improvement to the carrier search process, particularly for specialist transports

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Visibility of all planned loading/unloading; real-time information about delivery status; carrier base common to all URSA production facilities

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10% cost reduction with spot market-based orders; more leverage in carrier negotiations using company-wide synergies and scale


Easy access to key data; automatic generation of detailed reports and evaluations