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Easy handling of increasing logistics complexity with the Transporeon platform


Ontex manufactures and supplies hygiene products for all generations, including disposable diapers and pants for babies, as well as feminine hygiene products and incontinence products for adults. The company delivers direct to retailers and care institutions in no fewer than 110 countries. Operational headquarters are in Erembodegem, Belgium. In addition to its 17 production plants worldwide, Ontex has 25 sales and marketing sites and six R&D centers. The company has a total of 8,300 employees, and its turnover in 2016 was €2.06 billion. Two-thirds of the organization’s products are made to retailers’ own brand specifications, often in response to innovative trends. Currently, Ontex handles about 55,000 shipments each year using the Transporeon platform.

Ontex growth meant we had to take action. Because the Transporeon solution is cloud-based with additional ready-to-use software modules, we knew it would improve our platform immediately. In addition, it has integrated fully with our SAP ERP.

Anthony D’Almagne, Group Purchasing Manager Logistics


The logistics team was struggling to cope with increasing complexity, particularly how to handle an increasing number of transport allocations and time slot bookings at all Ontex facilities.

  • Deal effectively with different time slot requirements – for example, booking multiple loading bays or booking back-to-back unloading/loading slots
  • Reduce or eliminate manual entry of rate data
  • Gather and analyze transport assignment data not just locally but from all parts of the organization
  • Understand the impact of changing diesel prices and mileage charges over the years


To tackle these challenges and improve operational efficiency, Ontex adopted several software-as-a-service products from Transporeon:

  • Time Slot Management: booking time slots for inbound and outbound transport flows (loading / unloading)
  • Rate Management: managing transport rates per shipment, truck, carrier, etc.
  • Transport Assignment with ‘no-touch orders’: automatically assigning loads to carriers based on parameters and without human intervention


transport visibility

Ontex is keeping customers better informed about deliveries; all parties in the supply chain can communicate and track shipments

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ongoing support

Transporeon provides customer-specific changes when requested and keeps track of relevant market changes

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new functionality

Including rate management, surcharge management and time slot multi-booking, along with dependable standard functionality

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user friendliness

Concurrent go-live at all sites went very smoothly; users only had to learn altered internal procedures within SAP