Uncover Talent(s)

Go behind the scenes on what ‘talent’ really means

This is Uncover Talent(s) – the podcast that takes you behind the scenes on talent.

It’s time to shine a light on what exactly happens behind the scenes and in the shadows with a detective-style adventure in which we’ll meet a fantastic list of guests prepared to share their truths on the glossy-sounding term ‘talent’.

Ready to start decoding this language together? Grab your notebook – deerstalker cap optional!

Our Guests

Petra Kubeckova

Senior Recruiter,

Tom Tresher

Software Engineering Manager,

Lena von Fritschen

Director Market Intelligence,

Octavian Logigan

Director Customer Care,

Julia Shub

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Christopher Keating

Senior Vice President Trimble Transportation Europe (SVP)

Uncover Talent(s) Podcast

Welcome to “Uncover Talent(s)”, the podcast that takes you behind the scenes of the world of talent. Step into the shadows with us as we discover some hidden truths behind the word on everyone's lips. And just as a magnifying glass shows what was hidden at first glance, during each episode we will uncover a new angle on a multi-faceted topic. So, take your detective's cap, grab your notebook, and join us decoding the exciting language of talent.

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Episode 6: Strategy

Ever wondered what the CEO really thinks? Tune in to understand more about the role of talent in business strategy.  

Christopher “Chris” Keating, Senior Vice President of Trimble Transportation Europe is now also responsible for leading the Transporeon business. According to Chris, people are the most important asset in every successful company. So, what’s his advice on including talent in the discussion about overall company success? And what can leaders do to help keep hold of top talent in today’s fast-paced job market? 

This episode is packed with opportunities to reflect on your career path and which skills are considered crucial if you’re keen to follow in the likes of Chris’s footsteps. Press play now! 

Find out more about the role people play in our success at Transporeon here: https://www.transporeon.com/en/career


Christopher Keating, Senior Vice President of Trimble Transportation Europe

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Episode 5: Diversity

This episode we are joined by Julia Shub, former Chief Human Resources Officer of Transporeon. After many years working in HR, in global businesses, diversity is a subject very close to Julia’s heart. While sharing her personal story, she talks about the importance of embracing diversity, not only in business but also in daily life.  

Is diversity just a trend, or a crucial part of a successful company? Listen in to find out the answer to this important question and get a fresh perspective on promoting diversity in all areas of life.  

Diversity is what drives us at Transporeon. You can learn more about our culture here: https://www.transporeon.com/en/career/culture-and-benefits 


Julia Shub, former Chief Human Resources Officer of Transporeon

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Episode 4: Internationality

Octavian Logigan, Director of Customer Care at Transporeon, reveals his personal experience of what it means to go ‘international’ with your career. As a multi-lingual member of the Transporeon family, Octavian shares valuable insights into the characteristics of today’s international job market.  

An enlightening and inspiring episode – listen in for Octavian’s perspective on a world where language skills and cultural adaptability come together to pave a path to success. If you’re keen for your own international career to unfold, Octavian invites you now to embrace diversity, seize opportunity, and learn to thrive in a globally connected eco-system. You’ll even find out which language Octavian thinks in!  

Go global with your career when you explore the open opportunities at Transporeon: https://career.transporeon.com/


Octavian Logigan, Director of Customer Care at Transporeon

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Episode 3: Learning from experience/Learning and development

Lena von Fritschen, Director of Market Intelligence at Transporeon, joins host Arndt to reflect on the most valuable advice she’d give her younger self. Lena champions the notion that there’s almost always an opportunity to learn – even when you fail. Whenever you face a bump in the road, get curious: according to Lena, curiosity is the key to personal and professional development. 

At Transporeon, we believe that learning is not a chore, but a privilege. We empower our team to take ownership of their development by providing mentors, coaches and dedicated learning weeks. Our corporate culture promotes an attitude of continuous development, where every step is an opportunity to grow. 

Curious to learn more about our culture and benefits? Check out our careers page for an insight into what makes Transporeon an exceptional place to grow: https://culture-benefits-transporeon.career.softgarden.de/


Lena von Fritschen, Director of Market Intelligence at Transporeon

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Episode 2: Collaboration

Transporeon’s Software Engineering Manager, Tom Thresher, is not only developing our software solutions, but also actively supporting recruitment processes.

In this episode Tom joins host Arndt to discuss the role of collaboration in successfully hiring top talent. Why is good collaboration between HR and Hiring Managers so important? What are the key success factors in the recruitment process? Listen now for all the answers.

If you’ve thought about changing role recently, now might be a great time to begin your transformation. Browse career opportunities at Transporeon today: https://career.transporeon.com/


Tom Tresher, Software Engineering Manager at Transporeon

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Episode 1: Challenges

Petra Kubeckova, Senior Recruiter at Transporeon, believes in simplicity when it comes to uncovering talent. When she receives and reviews a job application, what she really wants is to get between the lines written on the page, and to get to know the real person behind the words.  

In this episode, host Arndt invites Petra to discuss the challenges we’re currently facing in recruiting. Listen in as we explore the answers to some of the biggest unspoken questions, like: do applicants know enough about the company they’re applying to work for? Petra explains how she addresses these challenges and shares her number #1 piece of advice for applicants hoping to land the position that will set them up for long term career success.   


Petra Kubeckova, Senior Recruiter at Transporeon

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Episode 0: Teaser

Forget talent shows and celeb interviews. This series promises to peel away the layers involved in searching for, securing, and nurturing talent in the transportation and logistics industry. Each guest brings a personal story and original perspective on this multi-faceted topic that plays such an important role in the success of business. Tune in to hear from leaders in the field working hard to achieve true diversity in the workforce by pioneering long-term talent strategies and take a moment to step into the shoes of recruiters facing a long list of daily challenges to attract and support the right people find their perfect match in an employer.


Arndt Ahlers, Global Talent Acquisition Director

This podcast instantly grabbed my attention with its engaging content. It is not only a lot of fun listening to the experiences of my colleagues but also super valuable.

Angela Bierbaum,
PX Project Manager, Transporeon

A great preview of what a lot of people starting their careers are really waiting for, which is to give inspiration based on the experience that has been gathered earlier.

Rafał Szklarzyk,
Product Manager, Transporeon


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