Moving and Managing Complex Ocean Flows Recap

30.11.2023 | 5 min

In case you missed the boat, our most recent episode of the Transport Operations Showcase series delved into the intricacies of managing complex ocean flows in the shipping industry. Headlined by Alex Listiski, Head of Product in the Transport Execution Tribe, the session focused on the challenges ocean shippers face and introduces innovative solutions to help streamline the shipping process.


The Current State of Shipping: A Fragmented Landscape 

Many shippers continue to rely on manual processes, juggling multiple Excel files and separate systems to plan, price, book, and monitor their containers. This fragmented approach leads to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and increased costs. To tackle this issue, Transporeon has developed a single unified platform that allows shippers to seamlessly manage their entire shipping journey, regardless of the different modalities and carriers involved. 


Understanding the Complexity: Planning Multi-Modal Shipments 

Shipping containers across continents involves meticulous planning, coordination with multiple stakeholders, and adherence to customs regulations. In a typical import flow, shippers deal with separate carriers for the ocean leg, road leg, and empty container return, each entangled in customs procedures. Transporeon’s Transport Operations simplifies this complexity in a unified platform where these aspects are all seamlessly integrated. 

Introducing Seamless Solutions: Three Scenarios, One Platform 

During the session, three specific scenarios were explored to demonstrate the capabilities of Transporeon's platform: 

Scenario 1: Door-to-Door Movement 

  • One container is managed by one party, covering the entire journey from origin to destination. 

Scenario 2: Adding Complexity with a Second Leg 

  • Managing two separate orders – ocean leg by an ocean liner and road leg by a local carrier. 

Scenario 3: Three Separate Legs with an Empty Container Return 

  • Creating an ocean order: on-carriage order for the road part, and managing the return of an empty container. 


Regardless of the number of parties involved, the Transport Operations platform provides end-to-end visibility and control over the entire shipping process and replaces the guesswork with actionable data. To accomplish this, our Visibility Hub aggregates the data from multiple party sources including port terminals, direct shipping lines, IES data, and freight forwarders. The collected data is processed through the Visibility Hub’s tracking engine where it is compared, evaluated, and prioritised based on historical performance and data source, to render the most accurate updates. 

Transporeon simplifies this complex process into a seamless shipping experience, allowing you to manage the whole flow within one system, even if the entire journey would require you to have different modalities and different orders, different carriers. 


Ensuring data accuracy and facilitating communication 

Participants raised crucial questions about data accuracy and communication between stakeholders. Transporeon’s platform ensures data accuracy by aggregating information from various sources and prioritising the most accurate data based on historical experiences. The platform also facilitates communication between shippers and carriers through integrated chat features and emails, ensuring smooth collaboration and real-time updates. 


Streamlining customs procedures 

Transport Operations addresses the complexity of customers procedures by allowing users to capture critical customs-related information, including MRN numbers and customs types. While the platform doesn't handle the entire customs process, it displays critical milestones and alerts, enabling users to monitor customs activity and handle them effectively. 

Transport Operations revolutionises ocean shipping by offering a unified platform that simplifies complex flows for all parties involved. Through seamless integration, accurate data management, and efficient communication channels, shippers can now navigate the intricate world of global freight effortlessly, saving time, reducing costs, and ensuring reliable deliveries.  

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