Network Horizon Report 2021

Our Carriers & Shippers Survey 2021 shed light on the Transporeon network’s opinion on the current state of play and expectations for the near future. The Network Horizon report 2021 summarizes the findings, compiled by global supply chain and technology strategist, Wolfgang Lehmacher, with the support of Professor Mikael Lind (Chalmers University, RISE Research Institute of Sweden). 

The report demonstrates:

  • the overall value of digitalization in logistics

  • the power of data, with a special focus on real-time visibility, in driving better decisions

Excerpt from the report

The view on e-carriers

The future of business is digital. That has become the mainstream view across all industries. The manifestation of digitization and digitalization in road transport is the e-carrier, which are data driven digital platform businesses with a high level of customer and supplier integration and largely digitized processes.

Twenty-five percent of shippers who contributed to this report said they have used a so-called e-carrier, and an additional 16% indicated they are very interested in using this kind of operator. Around 13% plan to try it out. 

In support of popular opinion that considers e-carriers as next-generation, 44% of shippers said e-carriers are just another carrier in their view. 

In contrast, 42%  see e-carriers as a threat, and at least 14% have already observed the impact of e-carrier activities on their business. Yet, a significant proportion of respondents remain indifferent. Twenty-eight percent have not formed an opinion about the new breed of carriers, 16% do not care about them and only 2% are considering becoming an e-carrier.

Excerpt from the report

Innovation in the road freight sector

Goals like building new business models, position oneself as an innovator in the industry or disrupting oneself are less considered as reasons to innovate. In 2021, the main focus for carrier innovation is on internal operations and quality assurance improvement initiatives. Internal sustainability initiatives come in third. This is largely aligned with the shipper perspective.

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