Move more freight and worry less

Transport Execution Hub combines execution, real-time visibility and insights into a comprehensive set of smart tools that makes the transport execution process a smoother ride, not just within the company, but also in-between companies.  

From rigid to a well-balanced transport execution strategy

Transport planning and assignment is driven by a whole new level of automation that guarantees that the  optimal carrier is assigned to each individual shipment, regardless of transportation mode. Incorporate spot shipments into your daily tactical execution process and rely on real-time insights to decide when to use which assignment type.   

From tunnel vision to panoramic network view

Joining a digital logistics network opens a whole new range of business opportunities for everyone: carriers, forwarders, shippers, retailers and goods recipients. The sheer density of the network expands your pool of potential partners. What’s more, automation and real-time insights provide the metrics you need, to continuously check the pulse of your transportation operations.


From one mode to all modes

Global supply chains and the continuous shift between modes requires a platform that covers the needs of all transportation flows and all modes. It gives you the flexibility to easily shift between modes or combine modes when needed, while maintaining full visibility and control of the end-to-end journey. 

From connectivity to interoperability 

Collaboration is key in moving goods, both on the ground and in the virtual information sharing sphere. Interoperability is the answer to this challenge as it creates a more connected way of doing business. One where information isn’t lost when shipments cascade down the logistics network.


From visibility as a feature to a companywide capability

At Transporeon, real-time visibility is part of our Data Hubs. It gathers data for numerous sources and uses AI and predictive algorithms to create timely and relevant insights. These fresh insights are then fed into each of the Application Hubs to give much-needed context to ongoing operations so that the right decisions and actions can be taken in time.  

Facts & Figures

less manual administration.
spot spend reduction.
savings on freight spend.
fewer empty runs.

Solutions for everyone:


As a production or distribution company, moving freight has become increasingly more challenging. Transport Execution Hub offers you the platform, network and tools to empower your logistics teams to successfully execute and monitor all your transportation flows, regardless of mode.


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Every company is different and carriers are often overwhelmed with numerous unstandardized ways of receiving their shipments. With Transport Execution carriers have a single point of access for all their shipments received from the Transportation Management Platform.  


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Agility is the new competitive advantage, especially when you’re moving freight on behalf of others. Customer expectations have increased exponentially in the past years while predictability of the market plummeted. Transport Execution Hub brings together ‘what is planned’ and ‘what is happening’ and gives the tools needed to optimize your process.

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Customers that trust us:

What our clients say

We have used Transporeon to optimize our processes. Our dispatchers now use their workforce more effectively, and interfaces give us a time advantage in planning and dispatch. In business operations, we most clearly feel the benefits of using time slots for our clients. Loading times for vehicles have been significantly reduced, which saves us money.

René Reinert
Managing Director of Reinert Logistics

We couldn't cope with the increased volumes of cargo and transportation. The team was 100% occupied only with transport allocation and load consolidation for the Algeciras plant, and it was impossible to manage the other plants. With Transporeon we have automated some of the processes, and this allows us to take on more volume.

Manuel Morencos, Miguel Angel González
Santiago Criado Department of Operational and Logistics, ACERINOX

With Transporeon systems, we have seen significant improvements. Load delays are now a small percentage and dock scheduling has allowed us to more effectively absorb peak shipments, improving customer service. We have significantly increased the number of carriers under contract by providing more flexibility and more timely control of shipment status.

Mirta Fior
Director of Logistics and Programming, ABS

We have started optimizing our transport allocation. The great advantage of a seamless exchange of information using the Transporeon platform is that we only have one version of the truth and this is visible to all parties.

Thomas Truyens,
Change Manager, Intersig

Now all of our carriers cooperate with us through the Transporeon platform. We can gather in one place all information about the shipments, track each assignment, and view the full history of our orders.

Tomasz Kania
Logistics Specialist, URSA Poland

The Shanks-Van Gansewinkel merger caused an enormous increase in volume, by as much as 50%. With the Transporeon cloud-based logistics platform, we have had the good fortune to make a major automation move. Using both ‘best carrier’ and ‘no-touch order’ transport assignment gives us the flexibility we need.

Mark Meeuwissen
4PL Coordinator, Renewi

Greater transparency has reduced logistics costs and made processes efficient and up to date. All processes can now be viewed in one system.

Manfred Himmelbach
Group Logistics Officer, Avista Oil

Transporeon is our strategic partner and our group standard. To KNAUF, it is more than software, it’s a network with all major shippers and carriers which gives us access to great knowledge over the transport market and where we can learn from the experiences of other shippers. Furthermore, Transporeon is our service provider towards the carriers and their tools are fully SAP integrated, modular and high scalable.

Thomas Keim
Process Expert Sales & Logistics, Knauf Gips KG


Don’t wait for the thunder: prepare for dark clouds on the horizon

This year’s Pulse report highlights several supply chain and logistics trends, which will transform the industry in 2024 and beyond.

Boost your knowledge with our expertise

9 steps to leverage the spot market

9 steps to leverage the spot market

This eBook provides a comprehensive overview of the spot freight market and explains how to leverage it to improve your procurement strategy, your transport assignment operations and your business’s bottom line.


Read it now and gain an understanding of:


  • The dynamics of the spot market vs. contracted freight

  • Which lanes to assign via spot market for optimal efficiency

  • The benefits of automating the assignment process

Transportation Pulse Report 2024: Prepare for dark clouds on the horizon

Transportation Pulse Report 2024: Prepare for dark clouds on the horizon

Adrian Gonzalez, Founder of Talking Logistics and President of Adelante SCM, has curated a comprehensive view of the industry's trajectory, using exclusive insights gained from interviews at Transporeon Summit 2023.

This report contains highlights from the following conversations:

  • thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG 
  • Refresco 
  • Etex 
  • Essity 
  • Girteka Group 
  • IntegreTrans 

Find out from industry experts why automation, real-time insights and collaboration are more important than ever to prepare and respond effectively to the challenges ahead.

Science-based transportation: shifting the portfolio mix

Science-based transportation: shifting the portfolio mix

Written by Dr. Angela Acocella, a Researcher at Tilburg University School of Economics and Management and the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, this report contains actionable insights, based on scientific research.


Find out:


  • How shippers can identify network segments unsuitable for contracts and strategically opt for spot assignments
  • How alternative contracts like dynamic pricing can outperform traditional fixed-price contracts

Understanding Ocean Freight Handbook

Understanding Ocean Freight Handbook

28 graphs to help you understand the basics of container and maritime transport logistics, including:

  • The basics of container and maritime transport

  • Global container transport networks

  • Ocean carriers and Alliances

  • Rates and contracts

  • Bunker and GHG reduction

Powered by the Network

Powered by the Network

Matching freight demand with capacity is becoming increasingly challenging, especially in today’s volatile environment. Carriers are rejecting up to a quarter of all contract loads, forcing more Shippers into the spot market. The solution to this imbalance is an investment in network-based transport management systems. New technologies make automated freight-matching possible for both Shippers and Carriers at a whole new scale.

This original report includes survey responses from industry insiders and expert analysis from Adrian Gonzalez, President of Adelante SCM. 

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Dock & Yard Management Hub

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  • Bring order to the dock, warehouse and yard with visibility-driven dock scheduling and yard management solutions. 
  • Increase the speed of handling and control downstream processes, boosting productivity by up to 20%.
  • Reduce wait times by up to 30 to 40% and lower detention and demurrage charges.


Freight Audit & Payment Hub

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  • Automate your freight billing process and stay on top of your freight spend for all modes. 
  • Gain a clear picture of logistic operations based on a single source of audited and indisputable data.
  • Improve cash flow.


Insights Hub

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  • Always stay one step ahead.
  • Gain useful insight into your performance as well as that of your logistics partners.
  • Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.


Visibility Hub

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  • Real Time Visibility as a companywide capability, rather than a feature. All modes, all covered. 
  • Reduce check calls and automate processes.
  • Reduce wait and dwell times with more accurate ETAs.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and empty mileage.