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Making sure the ice cream gets there on time

While the global FMCG market is growing at an average rate of 5% per year, it is faced with a multitude of challenges in terms of cost, sustainability and real-time transparency within the entire supply chain. At Transporeon we have a dedicated product suite specifically designed to support these needs. Thousands of FMCG suppliers already execute their shipments through our platform and up to 80% of industry specific carriers are currently connected to our network. 


Digital solutions for FMCG

Dock & Yard Management Hub

Transporeon Retail Time Slot Management

Transporeon Retail Time Slot Management
  • Increase handling capacity by up to 20%
  • Reduce driver wait times by up to 40%
  • Shorten loading times by up to 60 minutes
  • Audit and legal security
  • Completely documented processes

Visibility Hub

Transporeon Real-Time Visibility

Transporeon Real-Time Visibility
  • Reduce check calls and automate processes.
  • Increase performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce wait and dwell times with more accurate ETAs.
  • Increase your on-time performance and avoid penalties  
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and empty mileage.

Insights Hub

Transporeon Market Insights

Transporeon Market Insights
  • Monitor the contractually agreed rates between shippers, logistic service providers, and the spot market.
  • Use important "indirect" indicators to illustrate the capacity situation on any given lane or market.
  • Define the lanes and metrics that you want to monitor.
  • Get a clear overview of the biggest market changes and top movers.

Dock & Yard Management Hub

Transporeon Real Time Yard Management

Transporeon Real Time Yard Management
  • Increase Visibility and Prediction.
  • Blend Yard, Transportation and Warehouse Management.
  • Automate Arrival, Check-in and Call-off.
  • Avoid Cost caused by idle and unproductive processes.
  • Monitor, measure and improve KPI support.

Transport Execution Hub

Transporeon Best Carrier

Transporeon Best Carrier
  • Access the spot market more easily.
  • Cut transaction costs by up to 19%.
  • React quickly to market fluctuations.
  • Improve process efficiency with better integrations.
  • Cloud-based system provides real-time transparency.

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Success stories from our FMCG partners

We are proud to support some of the leading companies within the FMCG industry. Hear from them how our digital solutions have helped them master their logistics challenges. 

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Griffith Foods
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Behind the Mask: Go Beyond Logistics

Hear the true stories behind logistics challenges with a special focus on the people behind the scenes who make it all possible. We speak with drivers, shippers, carriers, researchers, and industry influencers to get their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing the supply chain industry.

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Green Edition - People & Planet with ALICE and L'Oréal

Meeting ambitious, global sustainability goals requires collaboration.

This week we are joined by François-Régis le Tourneau, VP Sustainability International Coordination at L'Oréal and Chairman at ALICE. Between these two roles, he knows all about big climate commitments and how to inspire collective effort.

We discuss the Physical Internet Initiative, 2030 and 2050 goals, how the pandemic has affected climate awareness, and more.

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Green Edition — One Small Change with Park Your Truck

One of the biggest challenges in road transit is what happens at the end of a long drive: finding parking.

This week we talk with Denise Schuster, the CEO of Park Your Truck, which just won the Eco Performance Award within the Start-up Category.

We explore how Park Your Truck’s mission to provide safe, reliable, and sustainable parking for truck drivers fulfills goals set by both the European Commission and the United Nations.

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