RPM Logistics Deploys Autonomous Truckload Procurement

About RPM Logistics

RPM is one of the fastest-growing logistics companies in North America (including Mexico and Canada) and Europe, specializing in Finished Vehicle and Freight transportation. Leveraging a robust network, they deliver thousands of units per month and address their customers' shipping needs by matching available capacity using technology, tools and software.

RPM is advancing into new markets as part of their continued global expansion, and they have extended their 3PL solution-driven service offerings to include capacity planning, information technology, strategic planning, and inventory management.

We don’t want to spend hundreds and hundreds of hours coming up with spot freight quotes. We want to be able to manage those exceptions…and spend time and resources on building better relationships.

John Perkovich,

Chief Operating Officer,

RPM Logistics

The challenges

A bid to remain a market-disruptor

RPM can only stay competitive if it has robust tools in place to give the best quote possible, and the human resources at hand to help manage exceptions in the most efficient way. RPM set out to tackle six major challenges with a stronger spot rate strategy, including supply chain disruption and capability constraints driven by today’s world events.

The solution

Removing complexity from logistics

Autonomous Procurement combines RPM’s historical and real-time data with behavioral science to eliminate the need for bid management, load boards, multiple auction quotes, negotiations, and lengthy tendering processes. 

This innovative tool helps RPM maintain its position in the market as a top multi-modality provider in vehicle and freight transportation, and live up to its commitment to remove the complexity from logistics.

The results

Happy carriers demand for more shipments

RPM’s carrier base can now accept shipments with confidence, backed by their service promise for accuracy and on-time payments. Equipped to provide better capacity and better quality, RPM has gained competitive advantage across continents.

Since implementing Autonomous Procurement, RPM has the tools and initiatives in place to handle more shipments without hiring more resources, and is on track to achieve huge growth in the next five years.

Autonomous Procurement is a game changer. Carriers can accept knowing that they’ll get the RPM service promise with each shipment they take – and we can say yes to more volume with confidence. 

It gives us a leg up all over the world, and will help us to quadruple our growth in the next five years.

John Perkovich,

Chief Operating Officer,

RPM Logistics

Facts and figures 

  • 1000s of units delivered per month
  • Expanding into new markets fast
  • Presence in North America and Europe

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Together our products work in harmony to increase transport efficiency along the full lifecycle of freight activities.

Freight Sourcing Hub

Autonomous Procurement

Autonomous Procurement
  • Automates procurement using data and behavioural science.
  • Analyses how carriers make pricing decisions.
  • Achieves requested capacity at lower freight rates for road transports.
  • Fully automated process of predicting, framing offers, and concluding assignments.
  • Entirely carrier specific and automated process.

Insights Hub

Market Insights

Market Insights
  • Monitor the contractually agreed rates between shippers, logistic service providers, and the spot market.
  • Use important "indirect" indicators to illustrate the capacity situation on any given lane or market.
  • Define the lanes and metrics that you want to monitor.
  • Get a clear overview of the biggest market changes and top movers.

Freight Sourcing Hub

Freight Procurement

Freight Procurement
  • Smart purchasing strategy.
  • Achieve optimum freight rates.
  • Reduce administrative effort and costs.
  • Find suitable partners worldwide.
  • Audit-proof the tendering process.

Freight Sourcing Hub

Procurement Advisory

Procurement Advisory
  • Save up to 19% on freight costs.
  • Save 30% on administrative effort with e-sourcing.
  • Use only quality-approved data for tender processes and RFQ events.
  • Ensure 100% compliance with tendering processes.