Ulm, 07/03/2022

Transporeon Enters into Real-Time Visibility Partnership with Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder's TMS customers will have access to Sixfold by Transporeon’s network of more than 130.000 connected carriers

  • Transporeon’s real-time visibility solution – Sixfold by Transporeon – will add further value to Blue Yonder’s Transportation Management Solution (TMS) customers
  • Blue Yonder’s TMS customers will be able to use Sixfold by Transporeon worldwide, without any regional limitations, and across all transportation modes: ocean, road, air, and multimodal.

Ulm, Germany, March 7, 2022: Transporeon, Europe's leading transport management platform, has announced a partnership with Blue Yonder, a world leader in digital supply chain and omni-channel commerce fulfilment, to offer real-time visibility to their joint customers. Through the partnership, Transporeon’s real-time visibility solution – Sixfold by Transporeon – will provide much-needed access to real-time data for Blue Yonder’s Transportation Management Solution (TMS) customers, delivering precise shipment ETAs to shippers, carriers, and end customers.

The ability to track goods and/or products in transit, thereby providing a clear view of inventory and activity, continues to be a key point on the supply chain executive's agenda. Improving customer service and cost controls through in-motion inventory management, providing proactive status updates, limiting disruptions and boosting risk mitigation are all imperative to operate a strong and agile supply chain.

Sixfold by Transporeon offers Blue Yonder’s TMS customers the following advantages:

  • Holistic end-to-end supply chain planning, execution, and visibility overview
  • Access to the largest global carrier network of more than 130.000 carriers
  • Increased collaboration through extended logistics service provider offerings
  • Increase in clients’ NPS score, and improved carrier collaboration
  • Fewer disputes and penalties with insights into real OTIF performance

“This partnership marks an important step for both companies. The Sixfold by Transporeon solution is a world-class out-of-the-box visibility service covering road, ocean, air, and multimodal tracking. Transporeon’s network services provide Blue Yonder’s TMS customers with state-of-the-art facilities”, says Stephan Sieber, CEO of Transporeon.

Sixfold by Transporeon, awarded the German Telematics prize of 2022, provides collaboration tools and services to an extensive network of logistics services providers, clearly making it the most adopted and used platform across the thousands of carriers that are benefiting from its services.

Its powerful artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities predict delays and proactively alert customers to problems by aggregating live data from supply chains across Europe on its large network. The Sixfold by Transporeon technology combines integrations with TMS, truck telematics, mapping data, and predictive analytics into a state-of-the-art solution.

Contact Presse :

Tatiana Sitnikova

Responsable Relations Presse

Tel. : +49-1515-1700301

Email : pr@transporeon.com


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