Ulm, 22/02/2022

Transporeon’s new re-planning feature for Real Time Yard Management takes Dock Scheduling to the next level

  • In transport logistics, 11% of loadings and unloadings at warehouses need to be rescheduled on short notice, most often manually. During the loading and unloading process of trucks, “early birds” and “late runners” are responsible for increased waiting times.
  • Transporeon’s new re-planning feature of the Real Time Yard Management (RTYM) helps flatten the peaks at the loading ramp by short-term changes.

Ulm, 22 February 2022 Transporeon expands its Real Time Yard Management (RTYM) solution with a new smart re-planning feature, which enables warehouse workers and managers to instantly react to short-term changes on the day of delivery or pickup. Customers can now effectively re-plan scheduled appointments (time slot bookings) to another time and/ or another location on any given day. The re-planning feature saves costs caused by waiting times and prevents poorly synchronized assets and ineffective dock planning.

According to a survey conducted by Transporeon and ARC Advisory Group, more than one in ten loadings (11%) at warehouses need to be rescheduled throughout the day. The survey also reveals a considerable technology gap in yard operations: Nearly two-thirds of respondents handle their rescheduling completely manually. Furthermore, 16% of respondents don’t have a digital time slot management application in place at all. As a result, these logistics professionals cannot account for trucks arriving ahead of time (“early birds”) or behind schedule (“late runners”), making peaks and delays of arrivals unpredictable.

With its time slot management (TSM) offer and real-time visibility (RTV) solutions, Transporeon supports customers to update loading and unloading sequences through automatic processes with instantaneous updates. On average, survey respondents were able to reduce their daily waiting times by more than one hour solely by using the TSM application. Additionally, RTYM users receive a continuously updated overview of incoming and outgoing transports, which contributes to more efficient planning in real-time.

Transporeon CEO Stephan Sieber explains “Over the last few years, time slot management tools have been used to plan for loading and unloading. When the time slot is booked, that are usually hours, if not days, before the process happens, and in between, delays and changes can happen. When companies combine the planning aspect of time slot management with real-time visibility data, they can use the platform to update loading and unloading sequences to optimize these processes in real-time. This leads to benefits for all participants”.

Accordingly, the survey conducted by Transporeon and ARC Advisory Group identifies a “Lack of predictability and planning” to be the second biggest cause of wait times after “Peaks and throughs of arriving vehicles”. “Communication Problems”, which were a further issue identified by participants, could also be fixed by implementing RTYM. Furthermore, the solution proposed by Transporeon, a “Combination of time slots with real-time data”, was rated by respondents as the yard management technology with the highest potential in the future.

The full White Paper “Leveraging Real-Time Data and the Network Effect for Next Level Time Slot Management” 2022 with the survey results can be accessed here.

More information about Real Time Yard Management can be accessed here.

About Transporeon

At Transporeon, our mission is to bring transportation in sync with the world! We power the largest global freight network of 1,300 industrial shippers, 100 large retailers and more than 130,000 carriers and logistic service providers. They execute about 100,000 transports (FTL/LTL) per day on our platform and tender about €20bn freight volume per year – 60% land, 30% ocean, 10% air. Our Transportation Management Platform is fully equipped to meet modern supply chain needs. It enables transparent supply chains and efficient processes for all participants. They easily connect and collaborate as Transporeon facilitates interoperability. Our matchmaking algorithms bring supply and demand into equilibrium – in real-time. We optimise route and resource planning to avoid empty runs and waiting times. Our tools and services are available in a modular way. They cover market intelligence and benchmarking, freight procurement and rate management, transport execution, dock scheduling and yard management, tracking and visibility, freight settlement, payment and audit. All of this is fully deployable across the globe for continent-spanning multi-modal coverage that can handle any load. Transporeon is fully GDPR-compliant, including our data lake for automated decision-making support based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Real Time Yard Management

Real Time Yard Management
  • Améliorez la visibilité et les prévisions.
  • Combinez la gestion du parc, du transport et de l'entrepôt.
  • Automatisez l'arrivée, l'enregistrement et le retrait.
  • Évitez les coûts causés par des processus inactifs et improductifs.
  • Contrôlez, mesurez et améliorez les indicateurs clés de performance.

Dock & Yard Management Hub

Extended Yard Management powered by Peripass

Extended Yard Management powered by Peripass
  • Économies constantes sur les coûts de fret, jusqu'à 8 %, grâce à notre approche comparative de pointe.
  • Obtenez l'aperçu le plus complet de tous les marchés et de tous les modes de transport.
  • Bénéficiez d'un aperçu des dernières évolutions et prévisions du marché.
  • Comprenez en profondeur l'évolution des tarifs et les facteurs de coûts.
  • Recevez des informations régulières sur les marchés, les évolutions et les facteurs de coûts.

Dock & Yard Management Hub

Time Slot Management

Time Slot Management
  • Augmentez la capacité de manutention jusqu'à 20 %.
  • Réduisez les temps d'attente des chauffeurs jusqu'à 40 %.
  • Les poids lourds arrivent sur la rampe à l'heure convenue, ce qui évite les embouteillages sur le site.
  • Les rendez-vous de chargement et de déchargement peuvent être pris avec précision pour accélérer les processus et les temps de manutention.
  • Distribution régulière et planifiée des véhicules entrants - les ressources et les marchandises.
  • Des processus entièrement documentés.
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