Optimize your supply chain with real-time visibility

See exactly where your shipments are in real time with Real Time Visibility by Sixfold. Eliminating guesswork about shipment location and arrival time, this smart product uses existing telematics data to empower shippers, their customers and carriers to collaborate more efficiently. Sixfold replaces time-consuming processes and poor asset utilization, enabling proactive transportation management and actionable insights on KPIs and partner performance.

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Benefits of Real Time Visibility by Sixfold

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Optimize your supply chain with real-time visibility

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Know where shipments are and when they will arrive

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Keep shippers, supply chain partners and carriers informed

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Proactively manage each shipment or only by exception

Improve logistics processes and use of assets

Build up actionable insights on KPIs and partner performance

Features of Real Time Visibility by Sixfold


Ongoing calculation of the estimated time of arrival (ETA), taking into account traffic, weather, driver breaks and more.


Alerts and notifications about predicted delays can be sent to authorized parties by creating specific mailing lists.


Live tracking and map display of vehicle and shipment geopositions for an end-to-end overview of status and progress.


Immediate notification of successful shipment delivery enhances shipper and carrier processes, and improves customer satisfaction.


Real-time status updates are displayed and transmitted by email and text, enabling proactive response and rapid conflict resolution.


Effortless, automatic collection and transmission of telematics data replaces time-consuming manual processes and eliminates human error.


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Transparency as it happens with Real Time Visibility by Sixfold

Real Time Visibility by Sixfold was the last missing piece of the puzzle. Now we can track the entire supply chain digitally, from pickup at the factory to unloading. All information is available in real-time without the driver having to give status messages. We can't get closer, faster, or easier to the current data."

Jens Püttmann

Manager Logistics DE

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