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Use Ticontract Spot Tendering free of charge to quickly find available freight capacity on short notice!

The logistics sector is proving to be one of the most important global players, especially during the coronavirus crisis. Carriers are the key to meeting increased demand for basic needs, transporting goods currently in short supply, and keeping the supply chain alive and thriving.

The current disruption to logistics service providers is still enormous: 
temporary border closures and controls, high wait times, and restrictions on air and ocean freight traffic are affecting supply chains and, consequently, freight transportation in general. 

Carriers and shippers are struggling with extreme fluctuations in the freight market like never before. Within a few weeks, a severe capacity bottleneck turned into a surplus of capacity (Source: Live Webcast Series: Mastering Pandemic Challenges). Experts assume that this trend will reverse as soon as industry and production levels are revived. However, the concern remains that personnel shortages due to widespread COVID-19 infection could continue to impact supply chains in the long term.

What options do shippers now have to find suitable service providers within budget on short notice?

Spot market bid requests to more than 40,000 provider profiles

With its Spot Tendering tool, Ticontract offers the ability to source capacity and rates on short notice and with just a few clicks, for challenging over the road lanes, as well as ocean and air freight routes using a supplier tool containing over 40,000 logistics service providers. You access several market options quickly and easily, and decide on the appropriate service and cost combination, choosing the preferred provider with one click. Especially in times of high demand and limited capacity, you can increase your chances to get affordable offers at short notice.

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