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EDI connectivity reduces manual data entry for CAI Logistics


CAI Logistics is a leading expert in intermodal, highway, and international shipping. As a division of CAI International, Inc., CAI Logistics uses its well-established industry presence to provide a wealth of benefits including legacy railroad direct contracts, a company-owned and operated office network, freight forwarding and NVOCC services, and non-asset-based capacity solutions to its customers. Its unique customer-centric approach allows CAI Logistics to design creative and custom solutions whether shipping goods regionally, across North America or to destinations overseas.

I like the fact that I can see, not just the full week, but a month in advance of what’s available per day. I also like that I have a lot more options on how to filter my data and what I can go back to and review.”

Susan Peacey, Senior Logistics Specialist
CAI Logistics


  • CAI Logistics was previously required to set pick-up appointments and schedule planned delivery dates for one of the largest global suppliers of steel products via the shipper’s inflexible transportation management system (TMS)
  • The old system limited visibility into future appointments, only allowing logistics specialists to work about one week out, and constrained views into historical shipment data
  • Every time a shipment was delivered, shipment details—such as bill of lading number, arrival time and the time unloading finished—needed to be manually entered into the system, requiring frequent, hands-on data entry


  • More efficient processes: The carrier set Transporeon to automatically accept all shipments from its steel customer for certain mills, but even manual bookings are much quicker in the user-friendly interface
  • Increased visibility: The carrier can now view the available appointments one month in advance rather than being limited to only a week, with filtering options that allow CAI Logistics’ specialists to easily sort through specific historical data
  • Automated EDI updates: The EDI connection eliminates most manual data entry tasks for the carrier


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Streamlined processes

CAI Logistics’ specialists work directly within the familiar in-house TMS to set up appointments, schedule deliveries and maintain dock schedules for its managed carrier base

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Greater control

The carrier leverages the information in Transporeon to produce an automated weekly report for internal stakeholders, which keeps everyone on the same page and facilitates better strategic decision-making

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Working with the Transporeon platform helps CAI Logistics keep a precise history of all transportation moves for its shipper—even with a high volume of shipment data