Supply Chain Visibility in Action

Visibility for Logistics Providers

This demo will give a short overview of Sixfold real-time visibility products, the benefits to your business and how the product looks and works.

What we'll cover:

  • The benefits Real-Time Visibility can bring to your company.
  • How Transporeon Real-Time Visibility works and how we provide the most accurate ETA on the market.
  • Getting a full overview and control your data sharing permissions and manage your vehicles privacy settings.
  • Monitoring the performance of your subcontractors and your performance towards your customers.
  • Using Fleet Monitor to help your dispatchers better manage their fleet by having a full overview of everything that is happening on the road in real time.
  • Assigning, displaying and sharing transports in Transporeon.
  • Filtering data and creating custom filters & dashboards.

Introduction to Sixfold

Transports Feature

Search & Filtering



Fleet Monitor

Connected Vehicles

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