Introducing Transporeon Insights

Introducing Transporeon Insights, a better and more transparent way to understand the market

  • Europe’s largest logistics platform Transporeon releases Transporeon Insights,  a Market intelligence solution that provides in-depth, real time insights into markets, lanes, and their development over time.

  • It uses the biggest dataset in Europe handling more than €30 billion worth of truckload freight annually and manages real-time data from several hundred thousand trucks every single day.

  • The new data analytics tool supports companies in pricing and efficiency decisions for more economical and ecological sustainability in logistics processes.  

Ulm, September 29, 2021 – Transporeon, a leading digital freight platform that powers the largest global freight network of 1,300 shippers, 100 retailers and 120,000 logistic service providers and carriers, launches a powerful new tool for analytics and market intelligence: Transporeon Insights.  It is fueled by the biggest dataset in Europe handling more than €30 billion worth of truckload freight annually and managing real-time data from several hundred thousand trucks every single day.

Transporeon Insights provides real-time data on all major European lanes and is the first in Europe to show you direct ‘price per km’ information for the contract and spot truckload markets. The advanced features provide an overview of the capacity development, a relevant topic in the current market situation. The highly volatile transportation environment is easier to navigate with pricing and capacity data. Equipped with it, customers can take more informed tactical and strategic procurement and supply chain decisions. The neutral platform provides companies with an external proof-point to validate and enhance their own pricing and procurement models (also by pulling the data in their systems and/or pricing models through API).

In a dynamic, connected, and globalized world today's corporate challenges demand greater planning reliability in highly volatile market environments. Companies need to match their freight demands with capacity from logistic service providers, which is becoming increasingly challenging. 

“Transporeon Insights, as the successor of the well-known Transport Market Monitor presents our customers, analysts, and trade experts with a much richer dataset and completely new capabilities for better understanding of the European truckload market. With it, we would like to digitize one more element of the transportation industry and provide more transparency to the benefit of all industry players. This next-generation data product in combination with our benchmarking, procurement excellence, and supply chain advisory services, reinforces our market leadership on the European truckload market. Further development will see Transporeon Insights becoming our single market intelligence platform also hosting our benchmarking products for air & ocean freight”, explains Nikolay Pargov, Executive Director Freight Procurement & Audit at Transporeon.

In June this year, the Beta version of Transporeon Insights was made accessible to 12 customers who co-innovated together with the product team. Today Transporeon is happy to announce the official launch of the tool which provides the following metrics amongst others:

  • Country-country and region-region insights on contract and spot rate development for all major European corridors.

  • Spot-Rate Trends: reliable prediction on future developments of the spot market.

  • Load rejection rate: for the first time in Europe, Transporeon Insights delivers one of the leading indicators used to read the capacity situation on the market. In combination with the ‘Index of average offers per spot load’, it provides a clear signal per lane.

  • Contract-to-spot conversion rate: another capacity indicator showing the share of transports that should have been processed through existing contracts but were handled on the spot market.

The cutting-edge tool enables logistics to be more efficient in general, but furthermore Transporeon Insights will allow users to make data-driven pricing decisions. With Transporeon Insights shippers will be enabled to create better-informed procurement strategies and carriers will profit from increased asset profitability. 

The tool already provides useful data and important market insights on trade lanes in a basic free version. To get the best out of Transporeon Insights though, it is recommended to upgrade to one of three exclusive paid programs. An enterprise subscription model, for example, will give users access to all features of Transporeon Insights.

For further information visit: Transporeon Insights

About Transporeon 

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