Market Intelligence and Benchmarking

Market Intelligence and Benchmarking

Transporeon Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence initiatives use proven and dependable methods to accurately segment and harmonize market data for our analyses — only for shippers. Our members use these results for tactical freight purchasing and to hone their ongoing strategies and operational processes.

We use validated information derived from real negotiations and contracts in active use, examining data from companies in the same industries, of comparable size, and with the same strategic approach.

Market Intelligence and Benchmarking

Transporeon Supply Chain Advisory

In our increasingly global world, complex supply chains, growing competition, and growing customer needs have challenged even the most established logistics operations. 

Our advisory experts are here to help you optimize every aspect of your transport management. With more than 25 years of experience, we have successfuly managed more than 1,700 supply chain projects together with our customers across all industires.

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