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Transporeon supports billions of dollars of sourcing transactions for more than 12,000 RFP events each year through its Ticontract transportation procurement platform . How do you secure your piece of this business? Simply set up an account on the Ticontract platform so that shippers can find you. It’s free for carriers and, if you provide a highly detailed profile, shippers are more likely to invite you to participate in suitable RFQs. For example, specify your preferred operational radius, available vehicle types, specializations (such as retail distribution) and more.

Take a look at our recent shipper case studies to discover some of the 1,200 companies that already use Transporeon to manage their transportation needs. To win new business, simply ask that shipper’s logistics department to activate you as a carrier on their platform. Once you have built up your own shipper network, you can bid for any new shipments that are published by these companies.

Time, knowledge and money are central resources today. Transporeon’s services save us a lot of time. We use this time to inform ourselves in the system who is inviting tenders or transport orders via ‘best carrier’. The platform has enabled us to intensify our cooperation with many customers and to grow more strongly than ever before.“

Mateusz Noszkowicz

Business Development Manager, ABC-CZEPCZYŃSKI

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We've succeeded in optimizing our processes. Dispatchers now use their manpower more effectively and with interface solutions we have achieved a time advantage in dispatching. In our operations, our primary advantage is the use of time slot management by our customers. Our vehicle loading times are considerably reduced, enabling us to save costs"

René Reinert


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The Transporeon solutions help us to constantly be aware of the work process even after working hours and analyze decisions that must be taken at one time. We have also set up a direct interface between Girteka Logistics and Sixfold so all our vehicles are visible and trackable in real time."

Sandra Senulienė

Head of Key Account Management, Girteka Logistics

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  • Cut costs and effort

  • Reduce waiting times

  • Level the playing field

  • Easier, faster payment


Manual processes are unsustainable. It takes way too long to use phones, emails, and faxes to negotiate, agree, confirm, control and administer transport orders. It is unavoidable that manual effort increases the risk of something going wrong – for example, someone may forget to log a new price or may enter incorrect or duplicate information. And because you operate in a highly dynamic environment, things constantly change but nobody enjoys going back and updating old Excel files and shipping documents.

Using digital processes reduces costs and effort. You can communicate and collaborate with shipping companies in real time. It’s easier, less stressful, and more flexible, allowing you to engage in more value-adding activities.

Our digital Time Slot Management system allows you to book your preferred loading/unloading times for each shipment. Instead of being greeted by a long line of trucks and on-site traffic congestion, punctual drivers typically experience low waiting times and a fast turnaround. If you deliver to retail distribution centers, Transporeon provides easy booking options for numerous retailers via the Mercareon platform .

With our visibility tools , your drivers can use their smartphone or in-cab telemetric system to issue helpful status messages during each journey "Goods loaded successfully", "Delay due to traffic jam", and "On break".

Each time a shipping company publishes an order on Transporeon’s platforms, every carrier has a fair chance of winning this new business. This is because each carrier is able to see all relevant information at the same time. If your bid is the most suitable according to the shipper’s criteria – which could be your availability, relevant experience, and vehicle type as well as your price – you will win the order.

Digital processes enable easier, faster payment. All the information you need for each completed order is stored in the same, easy-to-access file . This includes the agreed price, details of any extra costs incurred, electronic signatures, photo evidence of shipment damage, and more. All of this gets checked automatically before you generate an invoice , minimizing the risk of billing an incorrect amount. This makes sure you get paid fast!

We now have a better relationship with our shipper customers. There is no longer any discussion over unexpected amounts found on invoices, and the accounting process runs much faster for both sides.”

Minimize empty runs and improve your carbon footprint

Our shipper-carrier network contains vast amounts of high-quality data and our smart tools enable deep analysis of this information. What does this mean for you? With “Best Carrier” transport assignment , you will receive requests for bids from your shippers. If you have free transport capacity, you can make offers for additional business, plan your backhauls and minimize empty runs.

Many carriers are paying closer attention to their carbon footprint these days, as good stewardship of the planet is becoming essential to shippers, investors, customers and other stakeholders. When you use Transporeon, you can plan the best routes with FTLs to enhance and prove your environmental credentials.

Read our Report on Decarbonization for European Road Carriers

With data from over 800 carriers across Europe, this report from Smart Freight Centre and Kühne Logistics University explores how carriers can work with stakeholders to create a zero-emission future. A greener future awaits — and Carriers are the key.

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1. What are the differences between Transporeon, Mercareon and Ticontract?

  • Transporeon platforms link manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers with suppliers and carriers by offering a wide range of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.
  • Transporeon creates a digital connection between shippers and carriers and simplifies all transportation and logistics processes.
  • Mercareon optimizes inbound delivery processes in the retail sector.
  • Ticontract is the platform for freight tendering and freight cost management.

2. Do I need a separate account for each platform?

You can collaborate with your shipper or retailer customers using one and the same account. 

3. What is the cost to use the Transporeon, Mercareon and Ticontract platforms?

For Transporeon and Mercareon, fees will be invoiced only for transport transactions carried out via the platform. Such transactions may include, but not restricted to, an assigned or accepted transport order, a booked time slot, a set status message, a requested surcharge or an uploaded file. Additional information about modules and prices will be communicated during the registration process. 

For Ticontract, usage is currently free of charge for logistics service providers. A monthly fee will be charged for a Carrier Premium Account, which will allow you to gain exclusive insight into calls for bids on our platform.A Carrier Premium Account will alsoincrease your visibility to shippers and give you better opportunities to present your services.

4. How can I register?

  • The registration process for the Transporeon platforms is conducted online and free of charge. The Platform User Agreement can be executed in various languages.
  • During registration, you will provide basic information about your company and users, as well as read and agree to the terms and conditions. In addition, you will receive more information about modules and functionalities and their corresponding pricing. Transporeon only charges for the services delivered. 
  • Please note that the legal requirements differ companies in Russia and Belarus, as well as those outside of the European Economic Area. For more information, please contact Customer Services. 
  • Agreement to terms and conditions, as well as the applicable prices of modules and functionalities, is obligatory in order to gain access to the Transporeon platforms. 
  • Access depends on the platform of your choice: 
  • Please note that Transporeon is a closed-circuit platform. This means that you will first need the authorization of at least one shipper customer in order to begin using the platform. You will need an additional authorization for each additional shipper you wish to collaborate with. 
  • Your Mercareon account will be automatically activated for the retail companies using the Mercareon platform. 
  • To start using the Ticontract platform, you must first fill in your company profile.

5. What do I need to do after registering for the Transporeon platforms?

After the conclusion of the Platform User Agreement, your account is set up. You will receive subsequent additional information on how to access and use the platform via the email address you provided. Transporeon provides online video tutorials and ongoing support in case of any questions.

6. How can I learn how to use the platform?

  • Training resources are available 24/7 in the Online Help menu of the platform. For common workflows, you will find detailed visual information on how to perform basic functions and how to better organize your work on the platform.
  • For shipper-specific workflows, we offer webinars in addition to regular training materials. 
  • Should you need additional assistance, please visit

7. Can I link Transporeon to my in-house system?

If you use an in-house transport management system, you can opt to transfer data from Transporeon to your system.
Your benefits are:

  • Manual effort for data transfer is completely eliminated
  • All data is stored in one “single source of truth” and can be processed for internal and external purposes 
  • Dispatchers work in a familiar environment and only need to be trained in one system 
  • Digital data transmission eliminates input errors and time delays 
  • Central overview of all transactions simplifies planning and optimization of processes and routes

A fee is applicable for the provision and maintenance of a Transporeon interface. 

8. Which interfaces does Transporeon offer?

  • Transporeon offers different interfaces, connections, data transfer or integrations for carrier customers using the Transporeon and Mercareon platforms.
  • The interfaces enable direct communication between the customer’s in-house system and the Transporeon and/or Mercareon platforms. 
  • For more information about interfaces, please visit

9. Is there a Transporeon app for use on my mobile device?

There is a Transporeon app for Real Time Visibility modules and functionality, which enables real-time status tracking for accelerated, paperless processes. Other functionalities, such as transport assignment and time slot booking, are available through the most commonly used browsers. 
For more information, please visit

10. How can I gain more business on the Transporeon platform?

  • Please contact your business partners directly to get their approval. As a reference, please use your customer number.
  • Additionally, some of our most successful carrier customers maximize their access to our transportation network in other ways. Here are some examples:
  • Set up a Ticontract account in order to win new business. Please visit:
  • Let us know if you currently deliver to retail distribution centers. Transporeon provides easy booking options for numerous retailers via the Mercareon platform:
  • Read some of the success stories of shippers who revolutionized their transport assignment via the Transporeon platform:


11. I already have an account. Why do I have to update my Platform User Agreement?

The Platform User Agreement between Transporeon and a carrier represents a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) agreement that stipulates the terms and conditions applicable for the usage of the Transporeon platform by the carrier. Updating your Platform User Agreement ensures your readiness to collaborate with new business partners using the latest technologies offered by Transporeon.

12. What are the benefits of working with the Transporeon platforms?

  • Lower your freight and process costs
  • Decrease empty runs and truck waiting times
  • Shorten loading and unloading times
  • Optimize your supply chain with real-time visibility
  • Reduce administrative effort and costs 
  • 24/7 and free-of-charge support directly on the platform
  • Training and carrier onboarding in more than 24 languages 
  • Maximize your market transparency while registering on Ticontract
  • Advertise yourself as premium carrier to potential shippers with our registered carrier logo
  • Build on best practices while reading our success stories
  • Exposure to new business opportunities

13. How can I pay my invoices?

  • Depending on the services you are using, you will receive separate invoices from Transporeon GmbH, Mercareon GmbH and/or Ticontract GmbH.
  • Each service provider charges separately for services relating to the platform. Thus, you will pay the fees for the corresponding services to Transporeon, Mercareon and/or Ticontract separately.
  • You can choose between the following payment methods upon receipt of invoice: SEPA Direct Debit Core, bank transfer, credit card or other alternative possibilities (availability depending on country). The payment procedure for Transporeon, Mercareon and/or Ticontract services must be selected separately. The payment method can be changed at any time.
  • An invoice is issued on a monthly basis per customer number. If, in a given month, the total invoice amount for the use of the corresponding services is below 25 EUR, this amount will be invoiced in the first consecutive month that the minimum amount of 25 EUR is reached.

14. How and when can I get in touch with Transporeon?

  • For any questions about our products or assistance in using the platform, we will be happy to serve you Monday through Friday from 07:30 to 18:00 (CET). 
  • Transporeon and Mercareon provide support Monday through Friday from 07:30 to 18:00 (CET).
  • Ticontract provides support Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 (CET).
  • Please find all contact information for international customer support on our website:
  • Transporeon and Mercareon provide support Monday through Friday from 07:30 to 18:00 (CET). On the 24th and 31st of December, support is provided from 07:30 to 12:00 noon (CET). There is no support if the 24th or 31st of December fall on a Saturday or Sunday, nor on the following German public holidays: 1st January, Good Friday, Easter Monday, 1st May, as well as 25th and 26th of December.
  • Ticontract provides support Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 (CET). On the 24th and 31st of December, support is provided from 08:00 to 12:00 noon (CET). There is no support if the 24th or 31st of December fall on a Saturday or Sunday. Nor is there any support on the following German public holidays: 1st January, Good Friday, Easter Monday, 1st May, Whit-Monday, 3rd of October, as well as 25th and 26th of December.