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Increase performance & customer satisfaction

Improved visibility means greater transparency, better communication, and fewer delays. Your customers will love it.

Saint-Gobain knows precise arrival times in 90% of cases.

Easy implementation & world class support

Our dedicated support team is available to help you get onboarded in minutes and assist you throughout your journey.

Kingspan got 82% of their carriers onboarded in 14 days.


No one else is able to offer full visibility at our prices. And for a limited time we are waiving all set up fees.

Unmatched pricing

Improve your

Reduce check calls, improve on-time deliveries, increase your NPS, and boost your revenue — just to name a few.

Get the fastest ROI

BREXIT UPDATE: real time information on border crossing times

In response to the increasing demand for visibility as Brexit approaches, our Partner Sixfold has updated and enhanced the free interactive map first launched in the spring to help businesses and government bodies make sense of the approaching disruption. The map provides real-time information on border crossing times to help everyone dealing with international logistics manage the chaos. The new version now also shows average freight connection times for major ports in the UK and mainland Europe, e.g. the end-to-end time goods spend moving from Dover to Calais, including the wait times for on- and off-boarding.

Value Beyond Visibility

Supply chain optimisation

Reduce check calls by 80%

With improved transparency over the delivery process, we can significantly reduce calls to drivers to check location and delivery status, driving efficiency and reducing uncertainty.

"Providing customers with accurate and reliable information on deliveries reduced calls with 50% almost immediately"
- Trevor Johnson, Logistics Performance Manager Europe, Shell

Market-leading ETA Predictions

Our high-quality, reliable ETA predictions are 88% accurate 6 hours before arrival. That’s 13 percentage points higher than our nearest competitor (75% accuracy). 

Our proprietary machine-learning algorithm factors in rest times, dwell times, border wait times, and many other factors to generate the most accurate ETAs available today.

Reduce wait & dwell times via accurate ETA

With the ability to better plan and consider ETA for dock-scheduling, reduce unnecessary downtime and unpaid demurrage. Generate more efficient resource allocation in your warehouses.

- Girteka Logistics has lowered wait times by 20%.

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Get Started Quickly

Go live in minutes & get world class support

With our one-click telematics integration, carriers can onboard in less than three minutes, making go-live as smooth as possible. 

Our Operations Team is the biggest in Europe, focused on maintaining our high levels of customer satisfaction. 250 dedicated colleagues are focused on enabling visibility for our whole network, and 120 of them are dedicated just to onboarding and supporting carriers in 25 different languages. 

"Implementing Sixfold's one-click solution was a strategic move for us, allowing us to onboard our customers in the easiest and quickest way."
Valério Marques, CEO of Frotcom

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Unmatched Pricing

We offer the best service for the most competitive price on the market — starting from €0.60 per transport. We pride ourselves on offering the best value in the industry.

No Set-Up Costs
From now until 31 August 2021, we are waiving all set-up and service fees. Act quickly to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Pricing that's simple & transparent
Our pricing model is designed to maximize your profits, without any hidden costs. Pay only on a per-transport basis. Fees are 100% tied to value.

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The Numbers Don’t Lie

Get the fastest ROI.

Our customers have seen significant improvements in their KPIs, including:

  • 20% increase in on-time delivery
  • 80% fewer check calls
  • 10-point increase in NPS score
  • 3% increase in sales revenue 
  • 10-30% fewer penalties with better on-time delivery

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Some companies already benefiting from Real Time Visibility.

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Additional benefits

  • Better manage your people and resources
    By reducing internal check calls by 80%, you can significantly improve labor management, in some cases by reducing 15% of FTE in transport planning departments.
  • Support your carriers in growing their business
    By taking control of their shipments and optimizing their asset utilization via reduced dwell and waiting times at the docks, your carriers will increase their profit per truck and reduce their costs thanks to reduced risks.
  • Depend on data-driven decisions
    By eliminating inefficient or unfulfilled time slots, you can reduce administration efforts for handling dwell and detention times by 15 minutes per transport, accounting for approx. 2% of freight costs.
  • Improve customer satisfaction 
    Your customers love — and have come to expect — a real time response to their inquiries. With improved visibility and proactive notifications, you can see a 20% increase of on-time delivery and a 10-point improvement in your customer NPS.
  • Decrease CO2 emissions
    Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 7% by reducing the empty miles resulting from faulty deliveries. Route tracking and removing idle and empty loads all contribute to increased efficiency. 

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How it Works

We bring real-time visibility to the entire supply chain, delivering precise shipment ETAs to shippers, carriers, and end customers.

Our technology combines integrations with transport management systems, truck telematics, mapping data and predictive analytics into a state of the art solution.

1. Get direct access to the Sixfold carrier network and enjoy first benefits of real-time visibility from day one. Get your key stakeholders engaged with Sixfold and realize your organization's top potential gains of RTV (transport logistics, warehouse management, customer service, sales, etc).

2. Improve & measure the performance of your real-time visibility network to get the most out of it. Communicate with partners and internal stakeholders how you can easily realize more and more benefits together.

3. Start automating your processes with the help of the new real-time visibility data (e.g. set up a notification service or reschedule time slots based on real-time input). That’s what we call Predictive Transportation. Join us on the way of a system that knows before you do!

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  • Nestlé
    “An excellent example of how digital technology can help us address today’s challenges.”

    Sergio Scarcerieau
    Transformation Lead at Nestlé
  • Deutsche Rockwool
    "Real Time Visibility by Sixfold was the last missing piece of the puzzle for Rockwool. Now we can track the entire supply chain digitally, from pickup at the factory to unloading. All information is available in real time, without the driver having to give status messages."

    Jens Püttmann
    Manager of Logistics
  • Rehau
    “For REHAU, Real Time Visibility gives us a full overview of our network and allows us to know which trucks are ready to be loaded or unloaded at the plant at any given moment, allowing us to work to our full capacity and utilise our facility operations efficiently. We can react proactively to any delays and re-prioritise tasks accordingly.”

    Tobias Klein
    Supply Chain Manager
  • Kingspan Group 
    “One crucial way to ensure you are even more proactive with customers is by using the latest predictive Real Time Visibility technologies. Kingspan recognises how fast Transporeon and Sixfold are adapting to market needs and sees the value of utilising Real Time Visibility to improve operations and customer relations, helping to gain a competitive advantage in the market.”

    Jan Jacko
    CEER Division Transport Manager
    Kingspan Group

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We are market leaders

20000000Transports Annually
100000Carriers in the Network
1200Active Global Shippers
Why Choose Us?

The Transporeon Advantage

With over 20 years of experience executing 20 million transports annually, we know that scale matters. That’s why we’ve built the largest network that is now visibility enabled. 

Our cloud-based transportation sourcing and management platforms enable the most experienced network of shippers, suppliers, retailers, goods recipients and carriers in the world.

Now, after upgrading our network with 100,000 carriers and 1,200 shippers across 100 different countries, we are best positioned in the market to deliver leading coverage. 

Our platforms have been used by our carriers for years, which means they’re tried and tested. We are already a proud part of our carriers’ day-to-day processes, so there is no additional training required and no risk or extra costs associated with set-up. 

Today we offer the only fully integrated execution and visibility platform, allowing real-time insights to be an integrated part of your end-to-end transportation management. We are here to provide support and create value from tendering to settlement. 

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  • 20% increase in on-time delivery
  • 80% fewer check calls
  • 10-point increase in NPS score
  • 3% increase in sales revenue 
  • 10-30% fewer penalties with better on-time delivery

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Listen to Manfred Himmelbach, Head of Group Logistics at Avista Oil, sharing his company's experience with Real Time Visibility and the impressive results they have achieved with us: "We noticed over the last few months an increase of our KPIs nearly of 25% for on-time delivery and on-time pick-up."

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Read in our Case Study how Kingspan used the Sixfold transparency platform to add real-time value to its supply chains and enhance its reputation with customers.

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Find out how our interactive map works to track your shipments and how you can share status information with your customers in seconds.

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