Transporeon Freight Matching

The ABC of Freight Matching 

FAQ #1

Will Freight Matching help me manage my network more efficiently?

The short answer is yes! Transporeon Freight Matching has been built and designed to reduce the number of manual interactions and bring more efficiency to your daily operations, all within a safe, digital environment.

FAQ #3

Will Freight Matching boost the productivity of my operations department?

Transporeon Freight Matching minimizes the amount of manual work and manual flow of information with your carriers, boosting overall operational productivity every day of the week.

FAQ #4

How does Freight Matching benefit carriers?

Freight Matching is a product that has been very carefully designed to optimize the end-to-end forwarding chain, offering multiple benefits for carriers. Now you can try it for yourself!

FAQ #2

How can I as a shipper benefit from freight forwarders that I work with when they use Freight Matching?

Freight Matching isn’t just for Forwarders. Discover how shippers can benefit from greater assurance that shipments will only be handled by trusted suppliers. 


Your Freight Matching questions answered

The ABC of Freight Matching answers your most popular questions, erases doubts and speeds up your onboarding experience with our revolutionary answer to traditional freight forwarding.

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