Creating the most powerful Real Time Visibility Network in the world delivering Predictive Transportation

The journey towards a truly digitised, smart and optimised supply chain starts with real-time visibility

How you can benefit from Real Time Visibility today

Listen to Stephan Sieber, CEO Transporeon and Wolfgang Woerner, CEO Sixfold how we enable our customers to drastically improve on-time delivery rate, increase net promoter score and significantly reduce manual interaction simply by utilizing available data.

Ultimately, if the network is sort of upgraded to be real-time enabled, everybody in this network will benefit from this."

Too good not to share! Real Time Visibility for the entire ecosystem

Customers are starting to expect from you a consumer-like experience in the business environment.”

Jan Rzehak
Director Business Consulting, Transporeon

Unleash the full value of visibility

Applying machine learning and artificial intelligence on top of the visibility information will improve and automate decision making in the future.”

Jan Rzehak
Director Business Consulting, Transporeon

These companies are joining us on the journey towards Predictive Transportation:

Visibility offers numerous benefits

  • For you as a shipper:

  • For your carriers:

  • Better manage resources, improve efficiency and agility
  • Reduce global CO2 emissions
  • Improve on-time delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate inefficient/unfulfilled time slots
  • Build supply chain resilience

  • Stay aware, knowing where shipments are and when they’ll arrive
  • Communicate better, keeping all parties informed
  • Proactively manage each shipment or only by exception
  • Win new business, as shippers prefer visibility-enabled carriers
  • Save money, as insurance costs go down

It’s coverage that counts

The true value of real-time visibility is realised when the majority of shipments are visible. This could be a slow, cumbersome process that’s made extra-complex when multiple parties, multiple processes and multiple systems are involved.

Three years ago Transporeon partnered with Sixfold to provide a fast and reliable solution for tracking goods and improving supply chain transparency.

Today, we are taking another important step forward.

We’re removing upfront barriers, letting shippers, carriers and goods recipients access Real Time Visibility to quickly discover the full potential of this functionality. You’ll accelerate the value when you integrate visibility data with transport planning and execution. And using Real Time Visibility now will enable future additional benefits, including new value-adding services based on visibility data.

How to get there?

To get there, Transporeon has upgraded the entire network. On 01 September 2020, we implemented Real Time Visibility as standard across our platform, making a significant pre-investment by absorbing all usage fees for this functionality until 31 August 2021.

Network-wide adoption will exponentially increase the value of Real Time Visibility for all parties, so please use this period of free usage to extend your use of this functionality and prepare for the full potential of Real Time Visibility on our platform.

Tell your carriers about this opportunity and share tools to help them implement it quickly.

How to get your carriers on board?

Key benefits & best practices for an efficient shipper-carrier collaboration to achieve full transport visibility

Want to convince your carriers about using real-time visibility? Need to understand all of the (many) carrier benefits? We’ve got lots of information and good ideas to share. Watch the recording of our webinar!

Your speakers:

Christina Schachner
Carrier Success Manager

Maximilian Schmidt
Customer Success Manager

Download the recording:

The journey to Predictive Transportation

The greatest added value comes when visibility data is integrated with transport execution, and when artificial intelligence and machine learning are applied to improve and automate decision making.

We call this ‘Predictive Transportation’. With the potential to disrupt transport logistics and fundamentally change business operations, Predictive Transportation will create value for the entire ecosystem – suppliers, retailers, shippers and carriers.

How will you use it:

Transport orders

Assignment to the best equipped carrier based on big data analytics

Time slots

Dynamic rescheduling of time slots with the help of artificial intelligence

Payment process

The payment process can virtually take care of itself as everything is connected

Cut wasted runs

Together this cuts out wasted runs, helping you to surpass sustainability targets

And this is only the beginning – new carriers can be found, new loads secured and much, much more.

Predictive Transportation: a transport system that knows before you do.

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