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delivering Predictive Transportation

The journey towards a truly digitised, smart and optimised supply chain starts with real-time visibility. Eliminating guesswork about shipment location and arrival time, this smart product uses existing telematics data to keep shippers, carriers and goods recipients fully informed. And replacing time-consuming processes and poor asset utilisation, it enables proactive transport management and helps you build up actionable insights on KPIs and partner performance.

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How you can benefit from Real Time Visibility today

Listen to Stephan Sieber, CEO Transporeon and Wolfgang Woerner, CEO Sixfold how we enable our customers to drastically improve on-time delivery rate, increase net promoter score and significantly reduce manual interaction simply by utilizing available data.

Ultimately, if the network is sort of upgraded to be real-time enabled, everybody in this network will benefit from this."

Customer Insights

Manfred Himmelbach, Head of Group Logistics at Avista Oil, shares with us his company's experience with Real-Time Visibility and the impressive results they have achieved.

We noticed over the last few months an increase of our KPIs nearly of 25% for on-time delivery and on-time pick-up."

These companies are joining us on the journey towards Predictive Transportation:


Transparency as it happens with Real Time Visibility

To us at Ruuki, service, trust, and accuracy are highly valued. Our customers are construction and installation companies of all sizes in 10 European countries, and they rely not only on the quality of our products but also on our customer service. They depend on punctual deliveries and need to know if the expected products are on time. Therefore, we partnered with Transporeon and Sixfold and are very excited to start sharing real-time delivery information directly with our customers who will access data about ETA and truck positions directly from our dedicated customer portal. This will truly be a great value for all parties.”

Monika Szymkowska | Logistics Manager,

We at Shell started to make the real time information on delivery provided by Transporeon directly available to our customers and we received a highly positive feedback. Providing them accurate and reliable information on deliveries reduced calls with 50% almost immediately.

While significantly improving the customer-experience it proved to be 3-edge cutting sword – it brought down the effort of all parties involved, our customers, Shell and also the carrier. We very much look forward to the next steps in this journey.”

Trevor Johnson | Logistics Performance Manager Europe, Shell

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“Transporeon and Sixfold coming together to create real-time visibility in the supply chain network will bring efficiency gains to both shippers and carriers. Having this real-time visibility accessible on one platform and being able to share it with our customers is a big advantage.

We are about to enter a new era that will change the way we operate and make decisions across the whole supply chain, and we look forward to being part of this journey.”

Marijke Vrins | Global Logistics Manager, Borealis L.A.T

As part of our programme to deliver integrated logistics across our offering, we partnered with Sixfold to increase our data efficiencies. The ability to integrate information from a wide portfolio of transport suppliers using various tracking systems with shipment information has been of particular benefit and means we can now provide reliable information to our customers. During the pilot, the solution delivered significant benefits and efficiencies and  we are rolling it out across Europe, while also preparing a pilot for US."

Petra Lippertova | Head of Operations – Group Logistics , DS Smith

“For REHAU, real-time visibility gives us a full overview of our network and allows us to know which trucks are ready to be loaded or unloaded at the plant at any given moment, allowing us to work to our full capacity and utilise our facility operations efficiently.

With this move by Transporeon and Sixfold towards greater market coverage we believe we can take a big step forward and really make the most of the real-time visibility-enabled network they are creating to achieve our goals.”

Tobias Klein | Supply Chain Manager, REHAU

One crucial way to ensure you are even more proactive with customers is by using the latest predictive real-time visibility technologies. Kingspan recognises how fast Transporeon and Sixfold are adapting to market needs and sees the value of utilising real-time visibility to improve operations and customer relations, helping to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

We are also very excited to be part of the largest visibility-enabled network that Transporeon and Sixfold are creating!”

Jan Jacko | CEER Division Transport Manager, Kingspan Group

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Experience tells us that carrier participation at a rate of at least 80% of transports is necessary to obtain tangible benefits from real-time visibility data. The initiative of our long-term partner Transporeon is supporting our implementation plans and is a perfect fit with the K+S logistics strategy. It’s now an important selection criterion for us that carriers implement real-time visibility.”

Steffen Brill | Senior Director Logistics Procurement & Execution, K+S

It’s coverage that counts

The true value of real-time visibility is realised when the majority of shipments are visible. This could be a slow, cumbersome process that’s made extra-complex when multiple parties, multiple processes and multiple systems are involved.

Three years ago Transporeon partnered with Sixfold to provide a fast and reliable solution for tracking goods and improving supply chain transparency.

Today, we are taking another important step forward.

We’re removing upfront barriers, letting shippers, carriers and recipients access Real Time Visibility to quickly discover the full potential of this functionality. You’ll accelerate the value when you integrate visibility data with transport planning and execution. And using Real Time Visibility now will enable future additional benefits, including new value-adding services based on visibility data.

How to get there?

To get there, Transporeon has upgraded the entire network. On 01 September 2020, we implemented Real Time Visibility as standard across our platform.

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Visibility offers numerous benefits

  • For you as a shipper:

  • For your carriers:

  • Better manage resources, improve efficiency and agility
  • Reduce global CO2 emissions
  • Improve on-time delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate inefficient/unfulfilled time slots
  • Build supply chain resilience

  • Stay aware, knowing where shipments are and when they’ll arrive
  • Communicate better, keeping all parties informed
  • Proactively manage each shipment or only by exception
  • Win new business, as shippers prefer visibility-enabled carriers
  • Save money, as insurance costs go down

Features of Real Time Visibility by Sixfold


Ongoing calculation of the estimated time of arrival (ETA), taking into account traffic, weather, driver breaks and more


Alerts and notifications about predicted delays can be sent to authorized parties by creating specific mailing lists


Live tracking and map display of vehicle and shipment geopositions for an end-to-end overview of status and progress


Immediate notification of successful shipment delivery enhances shipper and carrier processes and improves customer satisfaction


Real-time status updates are displayed and transmitted by email and text, enabling proactive response and rapid conflict resolution


Effortless, automatic collection and transmission of data from the telematics system or TMS replaces time-consuming manual processes and eliminates human error

The Journey to Predictive Transportation

The greatest added value comes when visibility data is integrated with transport execution, and when artificial intelligence and machine learning are applied to improve and automate decision making.

We call this ‘Predictive Transportation’. With the potential to disrupt transport logistics and fundamentally change business operations, Predictive Transportation will create value for the entire ecosystem – suppliers, retailers, shippers and carriers.

Transport orders

Assignment to the best equipped carrier based on big data analytics

Time slots

Dynamic rescheduling of time slots with the help of artificial intelligence

Payment process

The payment process can virtually take care of itself as everything is connected

Cut wasted runs

Together this cuts out wasted runs, helping you to surpass sustainability targets

And this is only the beginning – new carriers can be found, new loads secured and much, much more.

Predictive Transportation: a transport system that knows before you do.

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