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We are on a mission to launch the most innovative Real Time Carbon Visibility solution, creating a new era of logistics emissions management.

Launching in early 2022, our new Carbon Visibility dashboard will enable Shippers, Carriers, and Freight Forwarders to precisely measure and report on their logistics emissions across the entire supply chain and all transport modalities and to provide tools to steer and reduce their future emissions.

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With pressure from all sides, now is the time to act

Reducing carbon emissions is one of the top priorities within shipping today — strategic decisions rely on reliable calculation and reporting of our carbon footprint.

Even when applying the GLEC Framework, as the recognized industry standard for calculation and reporting in the logistics sector, a lack of good quality, comparable and timely data can make it impossible to create useful benchmarks and ongoing tracking.

By integrating and automating CO2 management with our real time visibility capabilities, and aligning this with the GLEC Framework, we can simplify carbon emissions tracking while increasing accuracy.

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Benefits of advanced Carbon Visibility

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End-to-End emission transparency covering all transport modes on a global scale

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Open solution: No need to be an existing customer of Transporeon or Sixfold

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Optimization within your existing transport management IT setup

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Build up profound industry and market know-how through frequent exchange with other experts

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Individualized visibility index calculations to enable objective benchmarking analysis 

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Rely on a certified baseline to steer tactical and strategic decisions

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The Road to Net Zero

Strategies, concepts and best practices for Supply Chain Sustainability

"Digitalization is going to have a massive role to play in decarbonization potential. Even just in the role of real-time data it’s a game-changer."

 — Angie Farrag-Thibault
Project Lead, Clean Trucking, World Economic Forum

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