Optimize your Time Slot Management with Real Time Visibility

Real Time Visibility offers significant benefits to everyone across the supply chain, from suppliers to carriers to retailers. And as a retailer, you can leverage the power of Real Time Visibility to eliminate guesswork about shipment locations and arrival times and proactively address delays before they become costly. 

Real Time Visibility Integrated into Mercareon Starting 2 November 2020 

As part of our ongoing effort to integrate real-time visibility into the entire supply chain, we will be upgrading Mercareon to directly include Real Time Visibility. Carriers will then be able to assign vehicles within the Mercareon system. Retailers will then see the ETA of all tracked shipments directly within the Mercareon booking.


This partnership will allow us to improve the efficiency and productivity of our distribution network. Providing clear, exact and reliable information will ensure that our products reach our stores and customers in the most efficient way.”

John Steventon

Head of Primary Distribution UK at Tesco PLC.

These companies are joining us on the journey towards Predictive Transportation:

Complex Systems Lead to Massive Inefficiency

Today’s logistics ecosystem is rife with inefficiencies. We see that between 60 and 70% of trucks that are “on time” for their slots in fact arrive extremely early in order to avoid delay penalties. This “asset blocking” is ultimately charged to suppliers and retailers, as the truck is not in use delivering goods for other customers.

  • The only standard is deviation

Daily business is dominated by either planned or unplanned deviations at the goods receipt. This can be caused by external factors like heavy traffic or delays in previous unloading or by internal factors like illness or broken equipment. In either situation, it’s clear that deviations are inevitable.

  • Everyone is… buffering

In order to reduce the negative impacts of these deviations, carriers build in buffering time.


  • Booking multiple time slots

Carriers would rather come extremely early than risk being sanctioned for arriving late. To avoid this possibility, they may book additional time slots, and if necessary, let the unused slots expire.


  • Waste of time, waste of money

On average, a “punctual” truck arrives more than 100 minutes early. They occupy space at the warehouse for over an hour. This results in costs of approximate 500k EUR per 10,000 trucks for all parties along the supply chain.

With our push toward Real Time Visibility, we are supporting cost-reduction throughout the global supply chain.

An excellent example of how digital technology can help us address today’s challenges."

Sergio Scarcerieau

Zone EMENA Transport Transformation Lead, Nestlé

Key Advantages of Real Time Visibility for Retailers

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Better manage your people and resources

With precise ETAs for each truck, Real Time Visibility enables you to optimize your inbound operations at your warehouses as well as reduce dwell times by merging visibility and planning. And with increased inbound predictability, you’re able to reduce idle resources and labor.

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Keep track of goods flows

Any delays that could lead to utilizations gaps are closely tracked and shared, enabling you to intervene proactively. Real Time visibility easily identifies relevant cases for exception handling, allowing you to focus your attention where it is needed to ensure on-shelf availability.

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Reduce costs of the inbound supply chain

When trucks reduce their cost-binding buffer times and shorten inefficient waiting times, their assets are optimized and they can offer better costs to shippers, who in turn charge you as retailers less.

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Decrease CO2 emissions

By avoiding empty runs and unnecessary runs of replacement vehicles for trucks stuck at occupied docks as well as eliminating waiting and forward-moving vehicles in long queues, we can significantly reduce CO2 emissions

Visibility offers numerous benefits both for Suppliers & Carriers

Key Advantages Of RTV for Suppliers:



By reducing internal check calls by 50%, suppliers can significantly improve labor management. It is possible to reduce 15% of FTE in transport planning departments.


By eliminating inefficient or unfulfilled time slots, suppliers can reduce administration efforts for handling dwell and detention times by 15 minutes per transport, account for approx. 2% of freight costs.


Retailers customers love — and have come to expect — a real time response to their inquiries. With improved visibility and proactive notifications, suppliers can see a 20% increase of on-time delivery and a 10-point improvement in your customer NPS.


Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 7% by reducing the empty miles resulting from faulty deliveries. Route tracking and removing idle and empty loads all contribute to increased efficiency.

Key Advantages Of RTV for Carriers:



Greater control over deviations leads to reduced risk which in turn lead to lower insurance costs.


By reducing waiting and dwell times, minimizing empty miles between trips, reducing unpaid demurrage, and making more trips per month, carriers can massively improve their asset utilization.


With fewer delays and early arrivals, carriers are able to improve service for their customers. As a more valuable carrier, they increase customer loyalty and win new business.


Having a better alignment with environmental goals is now business critical. Create greater efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by tracking your routes and removing idle and empty loads.


"Real Time Visibility by Sixfold was the last missing piece of the puzzle. Now we can track the entire supply chain digitally, from pickup at the factory to unloading. All information is available in real-time without the driver having to give status messages. We can't get closer, faster, or easier to the current data."

Jens Püttmann

Manager Logistics DE

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Adoption and onboarding was the fastest compared to other vendors, Transporeon and Sixfold were the first to fulfill 100 per cent of our needs and requirements during the pilot. Using real- time visibility is crucial in our digital transformation journey to becoming a digital freight forwarder. The technology enables us to offer customers full transparency from start to finish and go that extra mile to deliver seamless, high quality and reliable transport solutions. We were also impressed with how high-level the technical part of the platform is, particularly the AI capabilities and machine learning aspect. Likewise, reducing emissions is just one of the many other useful add-ons of investing in real-time visibility technology.”

Sidney Podday, Market Technology Manager at STI

Before we implemented the Transporeon and Sixfold visibility solution, we had a large number of manual check calls with the drivers; this was practically the main part of our daily work. After the integration, we noticed a significant 60% decrease in check calls thanks to the automated processes of real-time visibility."

Małgorzata Szcześniak | Sales Representitive | Trade Trans Combi

Implementing Transporeon and making use of the Sixfold platform was a great success for us. The implementation process was fast and seamless, and BA Glass was instantly able to reap the rewards of time slot management and real-time visibility. It allows us to gain a better understanding of our operations and make better, faster decisions based on real-time data that is stored all in one place. This works out well for our customers as we are able to keep them in the loop at all times, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and customer relationships. Real-time visibility has provided us with great added value and visible results.”

Luis Cardoso, Corporate Supply Chain Director, BA Glass

The Transporeon solutions help us to constantly be aware of the work process even after working hours and analyze decisions that must be taken at one time. We have also set up a direct interface between Girteka Logistics and Sixfold so all our vehicles are visible and trackable in real time. "

Sandra Senulienė | Head of Key Account Management | Girteka Logistics

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