Business Intelligence With Perfect Data Clarity and Streamlined Tools

Take control of your logistical insights with deep analytics and full visibility

Simple reports are no longer sufficient in a complex digital world. With more than 10 years of experience in providing actionable data to multinational clients, we have the perfect blend of advanced technology and auditing expertise to help you manage that complexity.

Staying competitive means embracing the power of data-driven decisions and crystal-clear knowledge. This is why our Freight Audit platform is accompanied by an advanced Business Intelligence dashboard with customizable reports and deep insights into your logistical costs and operations.

We offer a bird’s eye view of your businesses patterns, problems, and opportunities. The Business Intelligence capabilities we provide can be used to empower in-house departments, decision-makers, optimization efforts and much more. Beyond that, our custom-tailored approach towards each client allows for seamless integration, and we never stop innovating within our products to address your needs and requests for new features.

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Competitive advantages of full logistics visibility

Business Intelligence dashboards offer powerful analytical tools, providing anyone from a CEO to a local manager with actionable logistics insights. Patterns, issues and advantages that were previously invisible can now be seen with perfect clarity. Take your company to the next level by replacing simple reporting with innovative data instruments.

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Using powerful analytics drives your worldwide logistics

Easily navigate the complexity of global logistics with our BI solution which offers  smooth integration alongside truly powerful analytical capabilities. Unifying different data sources into one dashboard with deep insights allows strategic decision-makers to retain full operational visibility. Use pre-made reports or customize via a library of additional tools.

Business Intelligence Platform by ControlPay

See a special sneak preview of ControlPay's revolutionary new Business Intelligence platform: a next-gen approach to getting the best out of your business data. This is business intelligence re-invented. 

Presented by Dirk Grewenig, Global Account Director, and Richard Bovée, Creative Mind and Product Owner, at Transporeon's Innovation Day.

Benefits of Business Intelligence by ControlPay:

  • Unify your data sources into a single actionable overview of insights for decision-makers and managers
  • Optimize and elevate your supply chain by highlighting previously hidden patterns
  • Move from simple reporting to insights on costs, carriers, budgets and much more
  • Have 24/7 access to data automatically prepared for your viewing
  • Gain a competitive advantage by focusing on the most important data,vital to your business
  • Use bespoke business intelligence to solve specific issues and open new opportunities

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