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    Tracking transparency with no need for manual processes!

Optimize your supply chain with real-time visibility

Struggling to optimize your supply chain? Now you can achieve real-time supply chain visibility with Real Time Visibility by Sixfold. Eliminating guesswork about shipment location and arrival time, this smart product uses existing telematics data to keep shippers, carriers and goods recipients fully informed. And replacing time-consuming processes and poor asset utilization, it enables proactive transport management and helps you build up actionable insights on KPIs and partner performance.

How it works:

Explore all the facts about Real Time ViCarriers provide their transportation data to the Sixfold product. Most carriers choose to do this by integrating their existing telematics system, as this eliminates manual processes. Some carriers, especially smaller operators, prefer to provide data via smartphone or tablet PC. Another option for carriers is using Transporeon Time Slot Management to provide data via this product, again eliminating manual processes. Data is automatically shared between Transporeon and Sixfold. To ensure highest real-time data reliability, carrier data is enriched with information about traffic congestion and waiting times.

All authorized parties receive worldwide cloud access to the clearly structured Sixfold information. Mobile-optimized views mean that smartphone and tablet PC users do not need to install any apps. In addition, shipment tracking links can be sent with just one click to selected contacts – shippers, carriers, and goods recipients.ibility by Sixfold. Click for a PDF summary.


  • Optimize your supply chain with real-time visibility
  • Know where shipments are and when they will arrive
  • Keep goods recipients, carriers and colleagues informed
  • Proactively manage transport or only by exception
  • Improve all transport processes and asset usage
  • Build up actionable insights on KPIs and partner performance

Features of Real Time Visibility

Live tracking and map display of vehicle and shipment geopositions for an end-to-end overview of status and progress

Alerts and notifications about predicted delays can be sent to authorized parties by creating specific mailing lists

Ongoing calculation of the estimated time of arrival (ETA), taking into account traffic, weather, driver breaks and more

Immediate notification of successful shipment delivery enhances shipper and carrier processes and improves customer satisfaction 

Real-time status updates are displayed and transmitted by email and text, enabling proactive response and rapid conflict resolution

Effortless, automatic collection and transmission of data from the telematics system or TMS replaces time-consuming manual processes and eliminates human error

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