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    ERP solutions are powerful tools, but can be weak in specific areas—logistics network connectivity is one of them. Transporeon complements your ERP system like a missing piece of the puzzle.
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Transporeon's ERP integration complements your ERP system like a missing piece of the puzzle

Companies that use an ERP system—whether SAP, Oracle, Microsoft or other proprietary or home-grown solution—know that they are powerful tools, but often have gaps and limitations in certain areas. It’s crucial to be able to assign shipments to your service providers or book time slots in a dock scheduling system while also being able to connect and communicate regularly with your carriers. Most ERP systems lack this critical functionality.

Close the gaps with a collaborative logistics solution that offers full connectivity and a complete range of transportation management functionality to help solve your daily
logistics challenges. Transporeon completes your ERP: Simple, scalable and efficient.


More Integration Options

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Integration into SAP

Gain more efficiency with the SAP integration of Transporeon. A seamless integration into the SAP system landscape lets you to benefit from fully automated business processes and significantly improved productivity. Optimize your logistics with Transporeon

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Transporeon Addon for SAP

The Transporeon Add-on for SAP supplements your SAP system like a missing piece of the puzzle: Integrate Transporeon functionality seamlessly into your SAP system—without any middleware or complicated integrations.

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Integration into Oracle OTM

Oracles OTM and the Transporeon platform are highly complementary technologies. While Oracle organizes the transportation management processes in the company's in-house system, Transporeon provides essential connectivity to a network of >65,000 carriers.

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Integrating your ERP system

Graphic shows the integration process into the ERP.

Integrate shipment data into your ERP: Improve communication processes, assign loads more quickly and increase the availability of information across your organization with Transporeon ERP integration

Incomplete networks that don’t allow shippers to share logistics data internally or communicate externally to logistics service providers and other trading partners leave significant opportunities unrealized. Transporeon links the ERP, which continues to be the standard on-premise front end, with external logistics processes via the Transporeon platform for a single-source connection to all relevant data between the two systems.

The Transporeon integration usually only takes a few weeks to launch. Connecting the two systems allows you to efficiently process shipments and facilitate information flow across both environments. Typically, all shipments are executed from the ERP: Freight assignment and carrier selection occurs within the ERP environment. If a carrier has not been selected, the load can be assigned directly from the back-end to the Transporeon platform and the status of the offers can be monitored within the ERP. As soon as the dispatcher assigns the load to a carrier, all relevant information on the carrier, freight costs and more will be transferred from Transporeon directly to the ERP system.

Easy scheduling and improved communication processes - with the Transporeon ERP interface

Transporeon completes your ERP. Integrate external suppliers, logistics service providers or set up cross-company workflows with other stakeholders: Simple, scalable and efficient.


  • Combine the standardized features of your ERP with the innovative, fully connected and dynamic solutions available through the Transporeon platform
  • Manage in-house processes via your ERP: Use Transporeon for scalable, single-source connectivity to all transportation service providers and external processes
  • Increased logistics agility and operational control from real-time access to crucial shipment data in your ERP environment
  • Benefit from our experience with thousands of integrations to virtually every ERP system and our “success at all costs” philosophy with little drain on your internal IT resources

ERP Integration options

  • Integration with SAP
  • Transporeon Add-on for SAP
  • Oracle OTM Integration

Integration with SAP

The connection of the Transporeon platform to SAP systems usually requires middleware, such as SAP PI and S2, or file-based interfaces. The transports created in SAP are transferred to the client via the middleware, which takes over the central data comparison with the Transporeon server. This requires configuration and some maintenance effort. Please note: The Transporeon Add-on for SAP, however, does not require any middleware. For more information, check out the section for the Transporeon Add-on for SAP

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Transporeon Add-on for SAP

The standard ERP from SAP does not offer the ability to assign freight or manage time slots and dock schedules. Dispatchers often switch back and forth between two or even three applications for similar functionality. Transporeon provides a unique add-on for SAP that allows all platform functionalities to be used directly within SAP without middleware or a technical interface setup.

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Oracle OTM Integration

Transporeon can also integrate with Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) for single-source carrier and third-party integration and easy access to our cloud-based network via HTTPS, GLOGXML or EDI X12. Transporeon has been a Gold-level member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) since 2015.

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Transporeon complements your ERP system like a missing piece of the puzzle by bringing relevant, otherwise unattainable logistics-specific information into your in-house software environment.

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