Work Smarter with Carrier Interfaces

Transporeon’s Carrier Interfaces allow for a real-time exchange of digital information between the Transporeon platform and your internal systems. This integrated solution reduces manual work and cuts down on transmission errors. 

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Why use Transporeon Carrier Interfaces?

Carriers today are forced to deal with increasingly complex systems to manage transport orders. Faced with multiple parallel platforms, data reconciliation is confusing and error-prone. Transporeon’s Carrier Interfaces collect all this information in one place, making transports easier to manage while ensuring the highest quality. 

Familiar IT Environment

Dispatchers work in a familiar environment and only
need to be trained in one system.

Zero Input Errors

Digital data transmission eliminates input errors and time delays.

Simple planning & optimization  

Central overview of all transactions simplifies planning and optimization of processes and routes.

Uniform data with minimal effort

All data is stored in one centrally and can be automatically processed for internal and external purposes.


How it Works

  • Shipper assigns transport via Transporeon
  • Data and communication are synchronized via interface
  • Dispatcher allocates transport via in-house system

Availability and Pricing

We offer our most popular interfaces at no extra cost to our Carriers.

These include:

  • Assigned transports

  • Tracking & Visibility

  • Vehicle allocation

Additionally, we offer interfaces for:


  • Transport Visibility

  • Offer placement and transport acceptance

  • Loading commission printout


  • Transport data editing

  • Booked time slots

  • Attachment upload

  • Surcharges

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Reinert Logistic: Optimization of business operations

We have used Transporeon to optimize our processes. Our dispatchers now use their workforce more effectively, and interfaces give us a time advantage in planning and dispatch. In business operations, we most clearly feel the benefits of using time slots for our clients. Loading times for vehicles have been significantly reduced, which saves us money.”

René Reinert

Reinert Logistic CEO

Bridge over the sea

KSS GmbH: Avoiding errors

Transporeon simplifies the correspondence between shipper and carrier enormously. It starts with route assignment, status messages, time window bookings and tracking. Everything can be realized via a few "clicks" and thus offers the possibility of avoiding errors through just a few interfaces.”

Felix Keller


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