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Modular logistics software & agile connectivity

With its logistics software, Transporeon provides a complete cloud-based and end-to-end transport logistics solution for shippers, suppliers, retailers, goods recipients and carriers. But we also understand that every company has its own particular challenges and needs. As a result, we design our technology solutions to be modular and highly customizable. This way, you can incorporate only the Transporeon transport and logistics software components you need to enhance the systems that are already working well for you. Additional modules can be added at any time.

We have solutions for every step of the transportation sourcing and management processes. Some are specifically designed for the special needs of particular industries. Others are universally applicable. Used together, they form a complete, holistic solution for your supply chain requirements.

With access to one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing carrier networks, we provide you with connectivity and services for your carriers on top of your existing ERP or TMS system. Transporeon can be integrated with all ERP systems and offers seamless integration with SAP and Oracle transportation management software.

If you are struggling with your existing processes and would like to integrate a Transporeon module, or if you are looking for a customized supply chain solution, our local experts are ready to help you out.

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Market Intelligence

Transport Market Monitor

The Transport Market Monitor provides monthly updated price and capacity development figures for the transport market based on country-related submarkets.

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Sourcing & Administration

Carrier Database

Are you planning a freight tender? Search to see how many carriers you can find on our logistics platform.

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Sourcing & Administration

Rate Management

Logistics software to analyse contracts, freight rates, complex price structures, surcharges and alternative transport possibilities in one central data hub.

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Sourcing & Administration

Spot Tendering

Run bids for individual air and sea freight shipments with just a few clicks. Accelerate transport assignment to the right service provider at the right price.

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Sourcing & Administration

Ticontract Tendering

Invite carriers to bid in a fast and structured way: Use our logistics platform for tendering to find the right service provider and get the best freight rates.

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Transport Assignment

Transport Assignment

Use our logistics platform to automatically send orders to your carriers or run tenders on the spot market for shipments at the best price.

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Time Slot Management

Business Intelligence

Simple reports are no longer sufficient in a complex digital world. With more than 10 years of experience in providing actionable data to multinational clients, we have the perfect blend of advanced technology and auditing expertise to help you manage that complexity.

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Tracking & Visibility

Real Time Visibility by Sixfold

Real-time tracking of shipments ensures better customer service and easy order processing based on telematics data.

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Tracking & Visibility

Real Time Workflow & Documents

Connect the truck driver’s smartphone to Transporeon. For paperless delivery, confirmation of receipt by signature and photographic documentation of cargo safety and transport damage.

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Tracking & Visibility

Transport Visibility

Status messages make it possible to completely track shipments. Carriers use messages for delivery documentation, and companies use them for performance and supplier evaluation.

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Controlling & Analysis


Our logistics software verifies freight bills. Paying too much, time-consuming analysis and outsourcing is in the past.

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Controlling & Analysis


Optimise your logistics management with Reporting. Real-time measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs) at the press of a button gives you the data to make objective decisions.

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Controlling & Analysis

Surcharge Management

Delay and waiting times or time-consuming customs clearance can make shipments more expensive. Use our logistics software to approve, reject and manage surcharges.

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Connectivity & Integration

Add-On for SAP

Integrate the functionalities of our logistics software seamlessly into your SAP system - without interfaces, middleware or integration processes.

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Connectivity & Integration

ERP Integration

The majority of our customers use our logistics platforms in combination with an ERP system – such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft – to close functional gaps in transport logistics.

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Connectivity & Integration

Oracle Integration

Carrier connectivity: As an "Oracle Gold Partner" we enable the smooth OTM connection of your carriers through our logistics platforms.

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Connectivity & Integration

SAP Integration

Optimize your processes by linking our logistics platform to your SAP landscape. Close functional gaps quickly, easily and efficiently.

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