Platform Update

One Team, more than 300 new Features and Improvements

Not even Covid-19 could stop our great engineering team from delivering!

Transporeon successfully completed another platform update on June 21, 2020, delivering more than 300 new features and improvements without any platform downtime.

Due to COVID-19 risks, this was a particularly challenging update. Team members were required to work from home for 13 weeks yet managed to achieve the same results.

Along with overall performance optimization, the team secured the following major achievements:


A brand new user experience for customers in the Reporting and Control Center


Provision of faster, more efficient customer support thanks to a range of system developments


This important change allows dynamic scheduling as trucks arrive on site; any planning gaps are identified and suggestions given on how to close them

Congratulations to all those involved in this significant platform update: our talented software developers, product managers, user experience specialists, quality testers, and everyone else on the team. You make us very proud!

In their own words


Real-time information in Mercareon Live Yardview

Why we decided to go for dynamic scheduling? Well, there is a significant difference between the delivery planning in time slot management and the actual timing of the vehicles on the day of delivery. The deviation arises from the dynamics of the goods receipt, which is under the strong influence of short-term changes, delays and disturbances. If you want to balance and harmonize load peaks, empty runs and gaps, you need a reactive, dynamic solution. And with this feature we have made it possible!"

Dennis Mader
Product Manager, Mercareon

Quality begins in the minds...

I know from other companies that Quality Managers are often the "bad guys". It's different here, I think the developers are happy to have us, we're like their life insurance...

Philipp Hawor-Lau
Head of Quality Management, Transporeon




Self-developed AS/2 software

After coming back from sabbatical, I got this huge project of developing our own AS/2 software. A tough assignment but now we are finally live! Previously we used commercial software but with our self-developed software we now give customers improved software stability. We can benefit from this internally too – for example, less admin work and the ability to react faster and more flexibly especially in response to customer requests.

Christoph Ernst
Software Developer, Transporeon




Self-developed AS/2 software

Thanks to our latest software update, we can now provide optimized and faster customer support for AS/2 carrier and shipper interfaces. Full integration in our backend software accelerates the implementation and makes it more efficient in the support phase. Many thanks to my colleagues in software development and especially to Stephan Birkl and Christoph Ernst, who led this project.

Markus Stoicsics
Head of Customer Care, Transporeon


The next big thing

The day after a platform update, one colleague of our team is always on standby throughout the day in case of any issues. In all my years at Transporeon, I can count post-launch problems on the fingers of one hand. So after an uneventful day, we went straight on to the next project, something we started working on a few weeks before.

Simon Schwaier
Software Developer, Transporeon


One Team, more than 300 new Features and Improvements

Once again we have successfully updated the platform with more than 300 new features and improvements with zero downtime.

Ahmet Arslan
Chief Development & Engineering Officer, Transporeon

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