• Mobile Order Management is THE innovation in transport and logistics.
    It's an easy-to-use Android app that links the driver's smartphone in the truck with the shipper, enabling end-to-end real-time processes, paperless dispatch and visibility right up to the delivery.
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Innovative & unique

  • Significant cost reduction thanks to paperless electronic workflows
  • Complete visibility – always know where the goods are
  • Easy optimisation of internal logistics processes
  • Competitive advantage thanks to innovative technologies

Perfect driver integration

  • No need to call the dispatcher any more: transport orders are sent straight to the smartphone in the driver's cab
  • Easy, direct forwarding of status messages from the vehicle, e.g. "Goods successfully loaded", "Delay due to congestion", "Break"
  • Complete documentation of load securing with smartphone's camera function
  • Electronic signature without extra device – no paperwork, delivery notes or damage documentation Installed on your smartphone

Complete transparency

  • Receive instant information on the current status and expected arrival time of truck and transport order
  • Manage route planning with confidence thanks to instant information and fast reaction to unscheduled events
  • The information advantage: customer can be proactively kept up to date at all times

Better, easier planning

  • Much more efficient daily planning because you can react more efficiently to changes in arrival times
  • Greater control of planning the correct sequence of truck and goods arrival
  • Prompt rescheduling of goods saves time and means less stress

Significant time saving

  • Paperless recording of delivery documents and load carriers reduces the workload
  • All documents digitally attached to the transport order for fast process completion (e.g. accounting)
  • All documents linked to transport order
  • Better documentation of transport damage and photos to provide evidence of load securing

Fast & in real time

  • Respond faster to customer enquiries thanks to locating function for shipper
  • Be able to provide information about ETA at all times
  • Offer better customer service with prompt notifications for time-critical shipments

Great knowledge – more service

  • Immediate notification of status changes and events affecting the transport of the expected goods
  • ETA calculated and updated
  • Loading team can react quickly to delays in goods transport

Knauf Gips - Mobile Order Management successfully implemented

"It is good to know exactly what was wrong in hindsight, but I'm much more interested in knowing what is happening at the moment. We want transparent transport, Truck 2.0 as it were. I want to know at every point in time where my goods are and whether they will arrive punctually."

 Kurt Münk, Head of Freight Management

Since 2000, Knauf has used TRANSPOREON solutions (Transport Assignment, Time Slot Management, Transport Visibility) along their whole supply chain. Knauf also adopted Mobile Order Management (MOM) in 2013.

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TRANSPOREON Mobile Order Management

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