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We hold regular webinars to keep you up to date. In order to give you an insight into the contents of these, you will find small excerpts here. If you are interested, you can download the entire webinar on our overview page.

Andrés Belmont L. from Essity at our Live Webcast: Update on road transportation

How can a company manage a sudden increase in transport volumes of 25%? The key, according to Andrés Belmont L. from Essity, is to have great flexibility in the supply chain thanks to digital platforms such as Transporeon.
Using the Time Slot Management solution for many years, the company has been able to easily and quickly increase the number of loading windows in its warehouses and thus keep a flat loading curve throughout the day. This also made it possible to support the right safety measures to ensure a social distancing between the staff on site and the drivers.
Many thanks to Andrés Belmont L. for sharing his experience and insights to the current situation.

Kristian Kaas Mortensen from Girteka Logistics at our Live Webcast: Update on road transportation

What are the success factors for a carrier to face the crisis? Kristian Kaas Mortensen from Girteka Logistics gives you the keys to the strength of his company in these times of declining industrial production and overcapacity:

  • Have a balanced risk exposure by working with different shippers and in different countries
  • Have a significant proportion of the fleet as refrigerated trailers to maintain collaboration with the FMCG industry

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