Truck border crossing times

Data provided by Sixfold - Transporeon's exclusive visibility provider

Have your trucks been affected by government restrictions, border patrols and even some closures? Sixfold is publishing aggregated real-time information on border crossing times for trucks and thereby helps you to understand where your shipments are, when they are arriving at your own facilities or the customers' doorstep and, crucially, whether there are problems or delays.

Impacts of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 on logistics: Due to setting up border patrols or even closures as well as other applied restrictions on public gatherings and individual travel by the Goverments, cargo flows are directly and indirectly impacted.

Together with their customers, our exclusive visibility partner Sixfold is publishing aggregated information on border crossing times for trucks, based on their real-time & predictive data, so that everyone who has a practical use for it can access it for free.

If you are working in supply chain and this helps you get your goods to where they need to be with shorter delays - here you go. If you are a carrier or truck driver hauling food, this is for you. If you are a government official or a journalist and have some use for it, inform yourself here.

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The border crossing time provided by Sixfold is the average time that trucks spend in the border crossing corridor. These corridors are approximately 10km long; their centers are displayed on the live-map. The data is collected over the past 6 hour period and is refreshed roughly every 20 minutes. The crossing times are not affected by trucks that do not cross the border.

Sixfold provides the information for free to help out the public. Please reach out in case you have any more ideas, comments and suggestions how we might be of additional help.

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