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Pharma Benchmarking for temperature controlled air cargo

The transport of pharmaceutical products places high demands on shippers. Due to the product properties, they are usually transported at a controlled temperature. They require special transport containers and storage equipment. Regulations and strict quality guidelines must be observed. Often the delivery is time-critical and requires a fast and safe handling.

There are only a few highly qualified providers on the market for temperature-controlled air freight, and capacities are rather scarce. Reliable market information on price developments, processes and services of service providers is only available to a limited extent. Shippers are more inclined towards long-term cooperation with service providers.

With clear market information and transparency on market prices, capacities and services, shippers can achieve cost savings. Due to a lack of transparency in the market, however, they have no access to this market information.

Since 2008, the Market Intelligence Initiative Global Air Cargo has been carrying out extensive benchmarking of air transport for its Community members.

In 2020, Tim Consult’s air freight experts offer a special initiative "MII Pharma Air Cargo" in addition to the usual service. This initiative was created especially for companies in the pharmaceutical industry, there is no comparable approach in the market. It analyses freight rates and service levels especially for temperature-controlled air cargo. In addition, participants will receive a detailed insight into current market developments and best practices.

More detailed information can be found in our product sheet.

MII Pharma Air Cargo product sheet

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