Transporeon and Sixfold Merger Allows Integrated Visibility Offer

Transporeon is to integrate Sixfold’s real time visibility (RTV) technology with its cloud based platform for transportation logistics offering full access to RTV for all Transporeon customers. Transporeon says it is the only company to provide an execution platform with an integrated visibility offer.

For clients, says the company, the integration of RTV by Sixfold represents a major development in logistics management as well as the delivery of a seamless experience. Transporeon will absorb usage costs until 31 August 2021. After this time, Transporeon is committed to making a further investment by offering highly competitive pricing. Stephan Sieber (above), CEO of Transporeon, underlined: “We need to remove upfront barriers. We’re serious about cre-ating data transparency for all and combining visibility with execution will enable our cus-tomers to continuously improve their operations and open a whole new set of innovation potentials to all of us! “

Today, integrating RTV for individual customers is very laborious, slow and risky. Sieber added: “Our go-to-market approach will leverage the necessary coverage for RTV. We add value and create a win-win for both shippers and carriers. Transporeon’s unique integrat-ed solution and execution platform is conceived for all transports to be visibility enabled. Once implemented, it will help our customers to better manage resources, increase their revenues and profitability, whilst ideally contributing to reduce carbon emissions!”

After three years in a successful partnership, Transporeon and Sixfold will take it a step further in their merger. Integrating Sixfold’s state-of-the-art RTV solution within Europe’s largest network of shippers and carriers will generate important scaling effects, meaning that all parties to the Transporeon platform can enjoy far greater transparency than any individual RTV solution could offer.

Transporeon is pursuing a one platform approach. All users benefit from the integration of new free-of-charge functionalities. These include, for example, TMS interfaces to enable every carrier to share visibility data; control tower support to provide carriers with a bird’s-eye view of all their shipments; electronic proof of delivery to reduce manual effort; a CO2 calculator to help carriers track and reduce environmental impact; and a platform to ad-vertise their real-time visibility status.

Wolfgang Wörner, CEO of Sixfold, commented: “In just 3 years we have built one of the leading real-time visibility networks in Europe, thanks to our strategic partnership with Transporeon. Thus, joining forces to upgrade Transporeon’s entire network is a logical and very exciting next step!”

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