Expert view: What shippers have to consider in air freight now

Christoph Bruns, Manager MII Global Air Cargo, in German logistics newspaper DVZ No. 45

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have hit air freight shippers hard. The suspension of passenger flights resulted in the loss of capacity and of a large part of the global network. The challenge this year was to find alternatives and to adapt quickly to the new conditions. 

In the meantime, the market has calmed down a little, and shippers are looking to the future with more optimism again. However, the air freight market will continue to be characterized by challenges and uncertainty.

The article "Was Verlader jetzt in der Luftfracht beachten müssen" was published on November 4 in the German transport newspaper DVZ No. 45. Read how Christoph Bruns, Manager of Market Intelligence Global Air Cargo, assesses the current situation in the air freight market.

You can find the article in German below.