Let's celebrate Earth Day 2021

Our latest and most innovative technologies are not only accelerating growth in the logistics industry, they’re enabling the entire supply chain to have a more positive impact on our planet. For every Transporeon application you onboard designed to reduce CO2 emissions, the whole of planet Earth feels the benefit.

Thanks to the rich insights and expertise shared amongst our community, we’re increasingly better equipped to continue to drive down inefficiencies that equate to thousands of tonnes of CO2 saved. 

Catch up on all the highlights from our recent and ongoing sustainability-focused initiatives. Let's celebrate earth day together!

Fueling decarbonization in European transport

The Transporeon Hackathon in support of the ALICE Roadmap for Decarbonization is underway. This challenge is designed to accelerate some of the brightest minds in the industry with uncovering the next generation of sustainable solutions in supply chain technology. 


Bringing transportation in sync with the world

In this presentation, Hermann Ude introduces the topic of bringing transportation in sync with the world – the core of our mission here at Transporeon. His expert insights reveal that we can be optimistic about avoiding the collapse of our eco-systems, providing we act now. Watch the recording to learn more about the levers in road transportation to achieve these critical goals.


Herman Ude
Chairman of the Board Transporeon

Co-creating a sustainable future for the many people

“Reduce, replace, rethink.” Sara Udvari shares her words of wisdom and motivation in this presentation. Get an inside look at how IKEA is already working hard to co-create a sustainable future that everyone can afford, and plans to continue to use its existing big carbon footprint to make a positive difference for people and our planet. 


Sara Udvari
Global Transport Operations Manager,
Category Land at Ikea Group

The role of digitization in procurement

What role does digitization really play in the three phases of procurement? Angie Farrag-Thibault joins us from the World Economic Forum to explain how an essential shift must take place in order to tackle the challenges we’re facing today and tomorrow. 


Angie Farrag-Thibault
Project Lead for Clean Trucking at World Economic Forum

How COVID-19 is driving innovation in supply chain networks

Without innovation, a more sustainable future simply isn’t possible. That’s the key takeaway from this talk with Wolfgang Lehmacher. Listen in and leave inspired to make the most of our opportunity to emerge from the clutches of COVID-19 and commit to doing things differently.


Wolfgang Lehmacher
Supply Chain and Technology Strategist, former Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries, World Economic Forum

Decarbonising long haul road freight

Take a look at Alan McKinnon’s hypothesis on the potential to decarbonize Road Freight Transport significantly by year 2050, starting with achieving a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions by leveraging key freight parameters.


Alan McKinnon
Professor of Logistics, KLU Kuehne Logistics University

COVID-19: the catalyst for new momentum needed to achieve green goals

Get Elisabeth’s expert take on COVID-19 as a catalyst for digital transformation and new momentum for achieving green goals, plus the facts and figures that support the adoption of real-time insights platforms and the priority role they play in reducing empty kilometers.   


Elisabeth Werner
Director General for Mobility and Transport
European Commission

Intermodality and the future of logistics

390 tonnes equates to 500,000 truck loads, and that’s how much LKW WALTER saved in CO2 emissions last year through intermodality alone. Combine that with reported empty mileage reductions of up to 25% and it’s fair to say the rest of the industry needs to climb on board.


Decarbonization for european road carriers

A greener future awaits — and carriers are the key. Experts from Kühne Logistics University, Smart Freight Center and Girteka Logistics joined us for a special webinar in which we explored the challenges and opportunities for carriers as they innovate and evolve to meet the sustainability challenge head on. 



Industry Leader Talk: Reducing CO2 Emissions

Did you know that heavy-duty vehicles are responsible for nearly 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions from transport in the EU? You won’t want to miss this session when experts from the World Economic Forum, Procter & Gamble, Codognotto, ALICE and European Freight Leaders Forum shared their best recommendations for moving the logistics industry toward a greener future.