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Follow contract and spot rates, rejection rates, capacity index, and diesel prices


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Secure capacity by knowing which lanes to contract and which to put on the spot market

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A better way to understand the market

Transporeon Insights is a market intelligence solution that provides in-depth, real time insights into markets, lanes, and their development over time.

We are democratizing the truckload pricing knowledge and there’s no need to wait. This brand new offering will be available soon for customers on all major browsers.

Enhance your pricing and procurement strategy with the most powerful data on price and capacity developments on the European FTL market. It could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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Why Transporeon Insights?

It uses the biggest dataset in Europe which is continuously growing. Transporeon handles more than €30 billion worth of truckload freight annually and manages real-time data from several hundred thousand trucks every single day.

We provide data on all major European lanes and are the first to show you direct ‘€ per km’ information. And there is more to come, we are bringing more granular information, spot price prediction, additional metrics, as well as different equipment types in the coming months.

Equipped with these insights, you can take more informed tactical and strategic procurement and supply chain decisions. Our neutral platform provides you with the external proof-point to validate and enhance your own pricing and procurement models (also by pulling the data in your systems / pricing models through API).

Contract and Spot Rate

Monitor the contractually agreed rates between shippers and logistic service providers and the spot market. With updates every 4 hours we provide real time information enabling you to keep your finger on the pulse of the market. And by doing so you could compare how the spot market is moving and leverage its volatility in your favor!

Review the average weekly contract rate (€ per km) for more than 150 and the spot rate for more than 75 country-country corridors in Europe.

Rejection Rate & Spot offers

The price per km is the ultimate metric, no doubt. But there are other metrics that can illustrate very well the capacity situation on a certain lane / market and those can be used as leading indicators for the spot price. Meet two of those very important ‘indirect’ indicators.

Top tip Tight capacity market conditions (supply<demand) lead to higher rejection rates, and vice versa. This metric is a good leading indicator for spot rate development. Similarly, the trend of average spot offers tells a story about the market.

Your experience is our priority

Whether it is the customizable dashboard that allows you to define the lanes and metrics that you want to monitor on a regular basis, the intuitiveness of the application, or the light and dark theme, we try to make your experience as pleasant as possible. 

Actionable Data

We try to make complex data look simple but also try to make it actionable. The biggest market changes and top movers are visualized enabling you to take action immediately, if one of them is relevant to your business.

Truly game-changing

With Transporeon Insights we stay true to our mission to transform transportation.
This product is unique in many ways:

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It is the first market intelligence product on the European market that provides ‘€ per km’ values for both the contract and spot market based on more than 100,000 actually executed transports every single day.

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It is the only product that updates several times per day (every 4 hours).

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We are also introducing important new metrics, such as the Rejection Rate (of contract loads), for the first time in Europe and our data science team will continue to innovate relentlessly.