Navigate Brexit with Ease

Our solutions and expertise help you control the Brexit Chaos. 

Navigate the latest circumstances relating to Brexit as rules of engagement between the EU and the UK are set to change again by January 2022. What will the impact be? How can you prepare? 

Get expert views and advice on what this journey looks like for the transport logistics market and choose from our comprehensive range of solutions developed especially to help make things easier.



The Post Brexit Reality


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In a time when uncertainty about the future is high, delivering an excellent customer experience depends on anticipation and collaboration more than ever. 

Introduced by Jonathan Wood, Chief Commercial Officer at Transporeon, The Post-Brexit Reality agenda brings you the expert perspective on facing what lies ahead for both shippers and carriers keen to navigate further changes with ease.

We had the pleasure to welcome top speakers from CHEP, KGH Customs Services, Transped, Kuehne Logistics University and some more to share their expert insights and answer all of audience's questions in live, interactive sessions. 

Got more questions on January 2022?

We’ve got the answers. 

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Avoid Costly Border Delays with Real-time Insights

Live Brexit Map from Sixfold

Get real-time information on border crossing times with our free, interactive map. Now you can see average freight connection times for major ports in the UK and mainland Europe. That means you can predict the end-to-end time goods spend moving from Dover to Calais, including the wait times for on- and off-boarding.


Driving Change: Reflecting on Brexit with Transped

Listen to our latest Behind the Mask podcast where we speak with Richard Manfield from Transped about what happened when Brexit went into effect and what the fallout has been.

Companies using our tools:

More Tools to Reduce Brexit Stress

Easy Access for Customs Brokers

As a Customs Broker, you need to be able to see the whole supply chain. Our solution groups all of the necessary information under one specific supply chain ID. This allows all of the relevant parties to quickly see the information they need and get their jobs done. 

Key Benefits:

  • More reliable documentation with centralized document access
  • Save time with a more efficient system
  • Get real time ETAs and status updates


Automatically Manage Freight Surcharges

Unpredictable events —lengthy customs clearances, detention, and wait times — lead to greater accessorial charges and lost time. Not to mention the significant effort to deal with these issues on a case-by-case basis. Surcharge Management can help.

Key Benefits:

  • More transparent order tracking
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • More meaningful and detailed reporting

Increase Shipment Visibility

Shipment visibility makes logistics processes more transparent and delivers deeper insight into global supply chains. Now Carriers can immediately report any delays and give continuous status information about clearance. Every step is documented, helping internal processes as well as SLA handling of customer brokers. 

Key Benefits:

  • Transparent order tracking
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Intuitive and meaningful reporting


Manage Shipping Documents Digitally

Carriers face more paperwork and administration when shipping to non-EU countries. Now, it is easy to store and manage all the documents needed for clearance, including Invoices, Custom documents, and CMRs. 

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce costs significantly
  • Save considerable amount of time
  • Keep documents up to date and reliable


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