Optimizing transport assignment using
the spot-market principle

Daily updated transport allocation reduces empty runs and cuts costs

A day-to-day transport allocation on the spot market offers shippers the opportunity to react quickly to transport market fluctuations. And these are not insignificant. Particularly in recent years, the phases between a lack of capacity and an oversupply of available capacity have fluctuated faster than ever before. Flexible action is required. Moreover, shippers must adapt more strongly than before to the needs of their transport service providers.

Read in our White Paper:

  • how you can reduce your transport costs by up to 10 percent with day-to-day transport allocation
  • how you can react quickly and flexibly to volatile transport market developments by optimizing your transport allocation strategy
  • how you can support your transport service providers in decisively reducing empty runs and what advantages you as a shipper benefit from this
  • what you should pay attention to when choosing your data-driven solution to support daily transport allocation

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