Why NOW is a great time to Tender.

Covid-19 Crisis brought many uncertainties for companies in every industry. The transport market has been more volatile than ever delivering capacity shortages during mid March followed by overcapacity with increases of up to 70% in comparison to 2019. Understandably during this period you may have set tender opportunities on hold. 

In some instances you might even still be working with fixed rates established in 2019 during healthier economic times, overpaying and not taking advantage of lower rates in current market dynamics.

Let us show how we can help you understand where you can drive savings as well as launch your tender process in less than a week!

3 reasons to tender now

Based on our platform data, we inform you on the current market situation and give you 3 key reasons why the time is right to tender to help you take the right decisions for your tendering process.

Your speaker:

Serge Schamschula

Senior Partner Manager at Transporeon
Member of the F&L Board
20 years' experience in a major freight forwarding company

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