Why NOW is a great time to Tender.

Covid-19 Crisis brought many uncertainties for companies in every industry. The transport market has been more volatile than ever delivering capacity shortages during mid March followed by overcapacity with increases of up to 70% in comparison to 2019. Understandably during this period you may have set tender opportunities on hold. 

In some instances you might even still be working with fixed rates established in 2019 during healthier economic times, overpaying and not taking advantage of lower rates in current market dynamics.

Let us show how we can help you understand where you can drive savings as well as launch your tender process in less than a week!

We are proud to count them among our many satisfied customers:

What Daikin achieved with Ticontract Tendering:


  • More efficiency: Reduction of 32% in the time taken to manage tenders
  • Streamlining the carrier database: Better qualification of carriers has enabled a reduction of 13% in the numbers of carriers
  • Less disruption: Thanks to a 40% reduction in requested spot market offers
  • Cost reduction: 7-8% cost reduction with the predominant use of known suppliers


Today, with Ticontract, we can access a database of tens of thousands of carriers in cloud mode.

Claudio Bettella, Supply Chain Director South Europe

Enjoy these short video sessions with our expert Serge and understand why now is the right time to tender:

How Covid-19 impacted logistics market

"Firefighting" has dominated the logistics agenda until recently and industries must now look at how to move forward."

Actual rate levels and how they will evolve

Freight rates have dropped in price delivering savings from 5 to 12% compared to 2019."

What will happen with the carrier landscape

Experts from the financial sector assume that we will face a wipe-out effect, which is likely to affect about 10% of transport or freight forwarding companies."

How the tender process will be managed during the 2nd half of 2020

If the companies all decide to bid at the same time, there will be a real bottleneck on the carriers' side, as they will not have the capacity to respond to all the tender requests."

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Let our expert guide you through reasons why NOW might be a good time for you to explore options to save money.

Our expert Serge Schamschula will be pleased to help guide your company through some advantages you could benefit from. His 20 years experience in the logistics sector on the carrier side coupled by his active membership and participation at the European Freight Leaders Board makes him a great leader to help you and your organization through these tough times.

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Serge Schamschula

Senior Partner Manager at Transporeon

Member of the F&L Board

20 years' experience in a major freight forwarding company