The Power of a Global Network with Stephan Sieber CEO of Transporeon

Get a behind the scenes look at our CEO Stephan Sieber by listening to his interview on the Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce podcast "The Power of a Global Network".

Stephan shared his perspective on the transport industry, why #TruckerHeroes deserve our respect, and what it means to be a good leader.

Processes are broken. Data and knowledge are being held back… Decisions are usually made on gut feeling, past knowledge, relationships, opinions; but not on facts, data, and insights.


Stephan Sieber
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Some Highlights from the Podcast

  • [04:52] Transporeon’s trucker heroes initiative
  • [08:24] Tackling truck capacity issue – more than 150 million empty runs per year only in Germany
  • [13:05] How Transporeon grew their Real-Time Visibility business by 300%
  • [17:51] Efficient communication when working with  more than 100,000 carriers from more than 30 countries
  • [26:41] Managing 113 projects going live in 12 weeks with most of the workforce working remotely
  • [38:16] Success as CEO for Stephan? The success and the satisfaction of his employees.


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