Podcast: Intelligent freight market monitoring in times of logistics 4.0

Oliver Kahrs has been interviewed by logistik4punktnull podcast

The international freight market is currently experiencing turbulent times. At the end of 2019, forecasts for the land, air and sea freight markets were rather shipper-friendly. Stable prices and sufficient freight capacities on the market were assumed for 2020.  With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the global freight markets were turned upside down. 
Now it is equally important for shippers and service providers to find an intelligent way of dealing with the new situation and with each other. Freight buyers are required to intensively monitor market developments and to react intelligently and flexibly at all times.

The podcast for logistics specialists Logistik4punktnull interviewed Oliver Kahrs, Senior Manager Central Accounts & Partner Management, on the current developments on the global freight markets. He reports on the experiences of the last few months with the effects of Covid19 in land, air and sea transport and shares his prognosis for next year. He talks about tendering conduct in 2020 and the developments on the spot and contract markets. He also presents tools that offer efficient support in market analysis and thus provide best practices for freight buyers in these difficult times. 

The interview was broadcast on October 23, 2020 on www.logistik4punktnull.de 

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Podcast: Intelligent freight market monitoring