Staying competitive during times of economic risk

New opportunities in transport logistics

The COVID-19 health crisis has a considerable impact on transport logistics. More than ever, shippers need tools to react to change faster and reduce the adverse effects of disruption. For this, there must be end-to-end supply chain transparency.

Our e-book describes the digital tools that can help you:

  1. Reduce empty runs - Transportation costs are lowered when carriers reduce empty runs. It’s a win-win for shippers and carriers, and automating transport assignment saves time and money.
  2. Get the best allocation mix - Unexpected market developments require fast action, agile thinking and flexible technology to select spot-market or contract-based assignment. 
  3. Optimise visibility and loading/unloading - The ‘Amazon experience’ of the B2C world is coming soon to B2B transactions, enabled by real-time visibility in the supply chain. 
  4. Increase collaboration - Shippers must make their business as attractive as possible to carriers and should expand their carrier network.

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