Transport Market Compass

Reporting is a crucial and indispensable process in our digital world. That’s why Transporeon offers a useful feature on our Platform-dashboard, which provides our customers a detailed daily report based on data of Transporeon’s transport assignment tool "best carrier", which refers to the spot market. The so called Transport Market Compass  displays a report of spot market data in a daily or weekly view. State of the art design makes the data easy to read and to understand.

The Transport Market Compass contains the following information based on platform wide data:

  • Comparison of offer ratio/price spread
  • Average offer ratio
  • Average price spread

With these information, the Transport Market Compass assist shippers in selecting the right transport assignment method accordingly to current transport market developments and helps companies to further optimise their supply chain and reduce costs.

Previous week - number of offers and price dispersion

Average number of offers and average price dispersion per day

Average number of offers placed per transport in the last 7 days

Average price dispersion between lowest offer and highest offer in the last 7 days