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Results of the 2020 European Road Transportation Survey (1,200+ participants)

Findings point up urgent need for digital investment amidst pandemic gloom

The results are based on the response of over 1,200 European road carriers in the 2020 Transporeon Carrier Survey. Participants in the survey represent a broad cross-section of the road transport market, with an even distribution across major European countries, as well as between forwarders operating domestically, cross-border or both. Carriers from 33 countries took part in the questionnaire, covering the entire continent from the UK and Ireland to Ukraine, from Scandinavia to Spain.

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Participants in the survey represent a broad cross-section of the road transport market, with an even distribution across major European countries.


The most relevant topic for carriers in 2019 was the general state of the economy, with 25,1 %. Driver shortage/ availability of drivers and the change of shipping volumes were also important topics for the participants.


When asked about the issues with the greatest impact on the business of freight forwarders, this year COVID-19 and its consequences dominate with 64%. In line with this, 58% of the transport service providers surveyed stated that the general economic situation was a primary issue.


The majority of the freight forwarders surveyed (74%) continue to assume that their own business situation will improve as a result of digitalization.


Nearly all carriers receive their orders from a mix of contractually fixed-rate and spot market awards. The majority of service providers generate most of their orders through longterm contracts at fixed rates.


The decline in transport volume is with 36,8 % the most stated consequence of the corona pandemic for carriers. Less than half as many carriers said that longer waiting times for loading and uploading als well as more free transport capacities on the market are effects of this year's pandemic.


Freight forwarders of all sizes completed the survey, from smaller companies with up to 25 trucks (26%) and large forwarders with more than 1,000 trucks (5%).


A majority of almost 37% of the participants have their main focus on domestic transportation, 29% on cross boarder transportation and 34% on both equally.


82% of the participants give business to subcontracors. 25.7% of those stated, that they give 1-10% on average of their business to subcontractors. Another 14.2% on the other side give 90-100% of their business to subcontractors.


With 68% the carriers with focus on packed full truck loads (FTL) make up the largest part of the participants. 13 % of the participanting carriers focus on FTL bulk and another 19% have their focus on less than truckload (LTL) transports.