Fercam has joined Transporeon and Sixfold to create the largest visibility-enabled network

Fercam has decided to join Transporeon/Sixfold in their mile-stone activity to create the largest visibility-enabled network.

Over the past years, we felt that the industry desires better and more tracking data on their shipments. Hence we have invested in visibility already years ago. Still today real-time information is the missing link to logistics 4.0, as it requires a high coverage by most players and not just many island solutions. Therefore the latest initiative by Transporeon/Sixfold to offer RTV as a standard, an integrated part of each shipment, is a huge step forward for the industry and requires our joint efforts. Hence we´re excited to partner with Transporeon/Sixfold from the beginning. We will also use their RTV solution for the integration of our own fleet and the integration of our partners connecting with our inhouse-TMS. As regards intermodal, which is an important element of our services, I look forward to closely partner with Transporeon/Sixfold in finding the best RTV options.”

Hannes Baumgartner, CEO of Fercam